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New Blood Retcons Dexter’s Bay Harbor Butcher Drug

A minor detail from Dexter: New Blood suggests that the series has reworked Bay Harbor Butcher’s original drug, M99, to ketamine.

Warning: SPOILERS for Dexter: new blood episode 8.

While the Bay Harbor butcher had to adjust his modus operandi to accommodate his new life on Iron Lake, Dexter: new blood he has apparently reconfigured the original drug he used to subdue his victims. While acting on his vigilante serial killer instincts in Miami, Dexter Morgan routinely maintained his modus operandi of wearing his classic green long-sleeved shirt, drugging his victims with a syringe filled with M99, doing a “slaughter room“With a table and a plastic tarp, taping his naked victims down and stabbing them in the heart before dismembering them. Dexter’s new environment has led him to change almost every aspect of his original modus operandi, but a small detail of New blood Episode 8 seems to recall that his “new“The ketamine drug is not new at all.

Surprisingly for a sequel series set a decade after the original, Dexter: new blood He has yet to share any important details about Dexter’s life in Miami. Even with cameos from John Lithgow’s Trinity Killer and Angel Batista, New blood has stayed true to the original series. As a suitable continuation, New blood has also answered Bay Harbor Butcher mysteries for a long time Right handedThe season 8 finale, like how Miami Metro never found out that Dexter was the real culprit. Instead, the police continue to get the impression that James Doakes was the Bay Harbor butcher, with plenty of content online summarizing his many murders and, more importantly, his modus operandi.

While Angela investigates online about the killer in Dexter: new blood Episode 8, an important aspect of Dexter’s original modus operandi has been changed from the series, be it a retcon or an error in police reports. While suspecting Dexter of suspicious activity by injecting ketamine into the Iron Lake criminals, he seeks “Ketamine homicide in Miami“On Google, and the search engine results explicitly state”[Doakes’] the victims were… unconscious with the injection of ketamine in the neck. ”The results that accompany Angela Dexter: new blood The search also indicated that the Bay Harbor butcher drugged his victims with ketamine, which is wrong, as Dexter routinely mentioned using M99 / Etorphine, a large animal tranquilizer, to subdue his victims. The drugs are also not synonymous with each other, as ketamine is a powerful drug that is primarily used for anesthesia in humans, while etorphine is only legally allowed for veterinary use.

This seems like an odd detail for Dexter: new blood to be mistakenly included in Bay Harbor Butcher’s modus operandi, as Dexter himself mentions having to find different ways to get drugs after losing his access to a police department. In Right handed season 1, he explains that he got his M99 from the DEA using the fake alias “Patrick Bateman, MD“, A clever reference to American Psycho. Since I no longer had access to those database sources in New bloodIn the reboot series, Dexter goes to his vet and asks him for ketamine to use on his goat, which he used on both Miles and Jasper. This adaptive change is not a retcon of Dexter’s original modus operandi by any means, but Google search results in New blood Episode 8 claiming he used ketamine in Miami certainly is.

It is possible that this error in New bloodThe search engine stems from an error in the Miami Metro police records, which would not be surprising given the superficial formal police work of Dexter’s former colleagues. On the other hand, ketamine can sometimes be mistaken for M99 by coroners at autopsies, so it is possible that Right handedReports of serial killer victims from the original series mistakenly attributed the drugs in their systems to ketamine rather than etorphine. As Dexter: new blood does not appear to be the type of series that I retired with such an important detail in Bay Harbor Butcher’s modus operandi, it is much more possible that this was an error in the coronary reports, but this small error also conveniently led to Dexter’s connection with the murderer.

Right handed Y Dexter: new blood both are broadcasting on SHOWTIME.

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