Friday, May 27

Moving Out disponible gratis para PC en Epic Games Store

One of the most of Christmas, one more game we can redeem for free on the Epic Games Store, the Epic Games store that has been offering us a new free title for a few days starting at 5:00 p.m. in Spain.

This time the chosen game as indicated by yesterday’s clues is Moving Out, a work created by SMG Studio & Devm Games and distributed by Team 17 that it usually costs 22.99 euros but from now on we can redeem without paying a single euro in the popular Epic digital store.

In our analysis of Moving Out published in April of last year we told you that we are facing “a ttulo simple in its approach but fun and full of unrepeatable moments that, and this must be made clear, are emphasized and magnified when played in a local cooperative. Moving is never a dish of good taste, but the makers of this particular independent video game have managed to turn the tables. With an enormous sense of humor, a resectable audiovisual section and an easy-to-understand gameplay“.

10 euros discount as ‘extra’ if you redeem a free game in the Epic Games Store

In addition to this gift set, if you redeem or have redeemed any of the free titles that Epic Games is distributing during these days (to do so you only need to be registered in the store and click on Get), the creator of the store will also give us a 10 euro cupn to redeem when purchasing a game with A price of over 14.99.

What do you think of the games that Epic Games Store has been giving away during these days And which ones have you redeemed to add to your library from this store?

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