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Martin Scorsese will direct Marvel’s Hulk and assures that it will be ‘the host’

Martin ScorseseGoodfellas, Casino, El irlands, The wolf of Wall Street, among many other films) has surprised the announce by surprise that be in charge of directing Marvels Hulk, Capcom’s upcoming Marvel license-based game. The news is unexpected, because its existence had not been leaked, and because Scorsese had been quite critical of Marvel cinema in recent years; It seems that with video games he has a completely different opinion.

“It is true that Marvel movies are not cinema, but I am a great player and I have not been able to pass up the opportunity to participate in Marvels Hulk, an action adventure that will have it all: open world, be metroidvania in 3D, there will be button boxes, NFT, survival horror Y battle royale. I want to set a new precedent in comic book adaptations, “Scorsese told the media at a press conference held at San Diego Comic-Con. Also, offer the option to play faster than normal, because he assures that for some time he has been used to seeing series and movies like that. “I could never see Lawrence de Arabia all of a sudden, “admits Scorsese,” but I set it to 2x on the player and time runs out for me a lot more, “a comment that drew applause from the cosplayers present at SDCC.

And why Hulk? According to the director, it will be more than “a theme park, it will be a game with human beings trying to transmit psychological and emotional experiences to other human beings. When I think of Bruce Banner and all the nuances of his kilometer leaps, gamma rays, anger, uncontrolled force, are elements that make a story great: there is revelation, mystery and risk. Marvels Hulk It is GOTY material and it will be demonstrated at The Game Awards 2022. “There are plans for two expansions that will be included in the season pass, and those who pre-order now will receive a gold top hat to customize the Hulk.

Launching on consoles, PC, cloud services, and Playdate

The project is ambitious and will reach practically all current systems. We know that Chris Pratt performs rostro a Banner and also participate in the capture of movements, both of the scientist and in his monstrous form. Tom Holland, Nicolas Cage and Jennifer Aniston will play other undisclosed characters. Francis Ford Coppola and Brian de Palma will sign the story, while George Lucas will be the creative director.

Martin Scorsese director of Marvel's Hulk innocent 2021

“It will be a title to play in a dress suit. It will make you reflect, you will cry with each slap of the Hulk and you will not be able to stop until you see an ending that will lead to as many sequels as possible,” says Scorsese, who assures that it will include a minimum of three post-credit scenes. For his part, Coppola states about the ad that “in the past I compared the cinema with the food; you can certainly add things to make it tempting, tasty and pleasant, but it must also be nutritious so that it can qualify as real food. Marvels Hulk be a wonderful sequence of tempuras with hedgehog, shrimp, ikura, anago, sweet corn, blue whiting, squid, asparagus … Haute cuisine. Next to it, the rest of the 2022 releases are equivalent to a bag of cheese flavored hooks. “All the major publishers have delayed their releases to 2023 so as not to coincide with the release of Marvels Hulk.

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