Tuesday, October 4

Mages of Mystralia, free on Epic • Console and Dashboard

Mages of Mystralia becomes the new free title on the Epic Games Store. As part of the Christmas celebrations, the digital store is giving away a new PC game.


We do not have much time to get hold of this adventure, since it will be at five in the afternoon when it is no longer available. Thus, we have to locate it in the digital store and complete the purchase, for zero euros. Once added, we will keep it forever.

It will be from five o’clock when we know what the next free game will be. For now, Mages of Mystralia transports us to a magical world. Borealys Games, its creators, invite you to design your own spells.

With the mind as the perfect weapon, we will defeat different enemies. Mastering the art of magic It will not only help us to put an end to the “bad guys” on duty, but to cross dangerous terrain and, ultimately, to make amends for the mistakes of the past. The fate of the kingdom is in our hands.


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