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Josef Fares believes that developing games is more difficult than making movies | Levelup

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Josef Fares is a film director and writer who, during the last decade, entered the video game industry with great success. In 2013 he gave us the melancholic Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, while a year later he founded his own developer: Hazelight Studios. Since then, he worked in No Way Out and the recent It Takes Two.

Certainly, the Swedish creative is one of the right personalities to talk about the differences that exist between the film and gaming industries, as he had the opportunity to work in both. In this way, he recently released his opinion on which medium is more complex and difficult to tackle.

Josef Fares believes that games deserve more respect from Hollywood

During a recent interview with The Washington Post, the creative director of It Takes Two He explains that while he does not consider making movies to be a simple task, he believes that video games are a more complex art. In addition, he states that he wants to return to the cinema and work on a film in the future, something that will feel like a vacation.

“[El videojuego] it is interactive entertainment. You have your audience loose and you create everything from scratch. [Con una película]You have an actor, you have a human being, you have a voice, you have movement, you have atmosphere, you have sound, you have more than 100 years of how to plan a movie and write a script; it is a much more controllable medium, ”said Josef Fares.

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To exemplify how difficult it can be to develop a video game, the creative explained that, in the case of It Takes Two, there were many different mechanics and it was necessary to polish them all. Additionally, he reiterated that game bosses took 6-9 months to create.

Finally, Josef Fares explains that his famous phrase from “F… the Oscar” was not said with the intention of attacking the prestigious awards ceremony. Of course, he considers that video games deserve more respect from Hollywood.

But tell us, do you agree with the developer’s statements? Let us read you in the comments.

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