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It goes with everything! Hideo Kojima reveals that he works in 2 games | Levelup

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After the launch of Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima fans wonder what’s next and although his company, Kojima Productions, opened a division in the United States specialized in projects that are not video games, it is a fact that the creative will continue in gaming, at least for the moment . What does the future hold for the Japanese creative? Well, he was in charge of saying it himself and there are great plans taking shape.

It’s official! Kojima works in 2 games

An article by Famitsu compiled the plans of more than 100 creatives for 2022 and one of the interviewees was Hideo Kojima, father of Metal Gear, to whom a few words were enough to reignite the hype that continues to be maintained around his projects. In that sense, the Japanese genius revealed that he works on 2 games; the first one is a “great title” so it is thought to be a priority at this time for both him and Kojima Productions. The second is something that has been defined by Kojima as a “challenging game” although he did not make the scale of the project clear.

The father of Metal Gear He also has big plans for other entertainment media

On the other hand, Kojima mentioned that he has also worked to adapt the organization of Kojima Productions to the changes caused by the pandemic. In the same way, the creative referred to plans outside of video games, in reference to the new headquarters of Kojima Productions, noting that 2022 will be the year in which they will take a step forward to experiment with new forms of expression in the media, in addition that they seek to position themselves for the future which, according to Kojima, will be marked by the “breaking of the limits of entertainment”.

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