Tuesday, July 5

Introduced Age of Yütt, a new role-playing game • Console and Dashboard

Age of Yütt is defined as a fantasy role-playing game, with agile and fast combat. It will be soon when a financing search campaign begins in Verkami, trying to become reality.


This project will combine an alternative prehistory with fantasy to take us to a world in constant growth. The myths are true and forgetting has directly influenced memories. In this way, our home has not always been the same, generating an unknown reality.

We will move through an isolated continent with great beauty, but with a harsh dark nature. For example, the task of collecting water can become a true adventure of life and death.

Humanity does not seem prepared for so much danger, but certain values ​​are beginning to emerge that anticipate a struggle. The first large cities begin to emerge “and the secrets of the world awaken,” in the words of those responsible.

In relation to his system, it is known that he will resort to a 20-sided die, with its addition and subtraction (rarely, also to multiplication and division). The turns will be constant, while the environmental factor will directly influence events and the way to solve setbacks.

We will have five playable races, shelled, in turn, in countless ethnic groups. The freedom when creating the character gains strength, without giving up creativity. The Empaths, the Gorges, the Alvos, and the Faetheri are some of them, for their own purposes.

The evolution of the character will allow the growth of the variety of classes and their mix. Defying the classical canons, the multiclase.

Each race will have its politics and its culture. The more than ten factions will be joined by three pantheons. Divine power will play an important part in Yütt. For its part, it promises to include more than 200 creatures. It will be curiosity that encourages you to continue advancing and discovering.

The intention of those responsible is to fill the gaps that other role-playing games have. Thus, they promise to continue expanding the Yütt universe once launched. For his part, change an eternal or simple combat for an agile and fast one, capable of “Keep players away from their phones”.

Interpretation and immersion will be part of the battles. In addition, it will try to stay in the memory forever, with a path that we will enjoy even from the first steps, in the middle of an addictive environment.

The challenge is to create a different role-playing game and even immortal, become a precedent. It will be possible through a web platform that makes the games experienced official, influencing the story itself. “It is not a simple role-playing game, but a whole universe of possibilities,” they clarify. It is the work of Armorskin (Agustín M. Talaverón), who is also in charge of the illustrations.


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