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In the face of criticism from Martin Scorsese, Tom Holland defends Marvel movies | Levelup

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It is undeniable that Marvel and DC films have already become the most successful and lucrative productions in the film industry. However, and despite their remarkable popularity, there are those who claim that they have nothing to offer and are not quality cinema. Without a doubt, one of the personalities who thinks this way is the prestigious director Martin Scorsese.

In 2019, the director behind Taxi Driver Y The Wolf of Wall Street He stated during an interview that, although they are well done, he does not consider Marvel films to be cinema. This mainly because they fail to capture and transmit psychological and emotional experiences to other human beings.

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Shortly afterwards, Martin Scorsese reaffirmed his position in an article for The New York Times. There, he said that Marvel movies are mass-produced and calibrated, tested, and modified for consumption. “Many of the characteristic elements of cinema, as I understand it, are present in the Marvel films. What does not exist is the revelation, the mystery or the real emotional danger, ”he commented.

Tom Holland says Marvel films are art

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tom Holland, actor who plays Spider-Man in the MCU and Nathan Drake in the upcoming movie Uncharted, gave his opinion on the statements of the American director. As expected, he came to the defense of Marvel mega-productions.

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“You can ask Scorsese, ‘Do you want to make a Marvel movie?’ But he doesn’t know what that is like because he has never made one. I worked on Marvel films and also on films that were in talks for the Oscars, and really the only difference is that one is much more expensive than the other, “said the British actor.

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Later, Tom Holland affirms that for him superhero films are art. In addition, he reiterated that, regardless of whether they are good or bad, millions of people will see it, while an independent film will not be seen by anyone if it is not very good.

“I mean, you can also ask Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr. or Scarlett Johansson – people who have made the kinds of movies that are ‘Oscar-worthy’ and also made superhero movies – and they will tell you they are the same. It’s just on a different scale, ”the 25-year-old concluded.

But tell us, do you agree with Tom Holland’s statements? Let us read you in the comments.

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