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Impressive! Halo Infinite player won 100 consecutive games | Levelup

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It goes without saying that it is practically impossible to win every game in multiplayer games. Sooner or later, players will bite the dust and have to deal with the bitter taste of defeat. However, there are those who have achieved an impressive winning streak that leaves the community speechless. Such is the case of the youtuber Mint Blitz and his most recent feat in Halo Infinite.

In case you don’t remember, the multiplayer of Halo Infinite It officially debuted on November 15. Since then, thousands of games have been put to work to hone their skills and learn the new skills, weapons and maps of the video game.

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Without a doubt, the popular youtuber Mint Blitz, who currently has 161,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, is in that group of people who already know perfectly all the 343 Industries shooter systems. As proof of the above, we have his most recent feat: winning 100 consecutive games of Slayer Free-For-All.

The content creator showed off his achievement in a YouTube video and explained that his original goal was to win 50 consecutive games. However, once the victories began to pile up, he thought that doubling down on his original goal was not such a far-fetched idea.

So Mint Blitz managed to win 100 free-for-all games. Since there is currently no official way to view multiplayer stats for Halo Infinite, the youtuber used the Halo Tracker site to demonstrate the veracity of his achievement.

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Of course, in the footage we can see that a defeat appears in the list of games. However, the player explains that his computer froze and he had no choice but to quit the game.

Rather than brag about his hundred wins, the Mint Blitz took advantage of the video to talk about some of the problems of Halo Infinite and other topics of interest. So he talked about the controversial progression system, weapon balance, and available game modes.

But tell us, what do you think of the feat of this player? Let us read you in the comments.

Halo Infinite is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. Follow this link to read more news related to him.

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