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Horizon Forbidden West shows off its new enemies in this trailer | Levelup

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Guerrilla Games continues to work so that Horizon Forbidden West It is much more ambitious than its predecessor in every way, including the enemy section. The company previously explained that the sequel will challenge us with deadlier rivals and new threats.

Now he finally let us get to know some of them closely, as he released a new trailer for Horizon Forbidden West focused precisely on the new enemies that we will face. Although this is a brief preview, it allows us to verify that the level of challenge will be higher and that the combats will undoubtedly be exciting.

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This is how the new enemies of Horizon Forbidden West

Guerrilla Games decided to give us a look at just a few of the new creatures that we will encounter in the world of Horizon Forbidden West. Among them are the Rollerback, Sunwing, Slitherfang and more.

As in the first installment, each creature will have a unique behavior, combat style and weaknesses, so it will be essential to study them to succeed in a face-to-face combat.

We will find different types of creatures depending on the biome we are in, so there will be aquatic threats, in the heights, in the sky and on land. In addition, different factions will use the machines to their advantage, so sometimes we will fight against creatures and humans at the same time.

“Guerrilla offers a closer look at the armored Rollerback, the graceful Sunwing and the acid-spitting Slitherfang, and several more. Some serve as guardians of the natural order, while others are built just to kill. But the power to control them has also fallen. in the wrong hands, “commented the study. Below is the trailer:

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Horizon Forbidden West It will arrive on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on February 18. In this link you will find more information about the title.

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