Monday, June 27

Horizon Forbidden West introduces one of its new enemies: Slitherfang

Guerrilla Games has shown a new look at Horizon Forbidden West as part of the magazine’s coverage Gameinformer. The gameplay focuses on Slitherfang, a huge robotic snake which appeared in the latest trailer and surprised fans. The open-world action RPG launches February 18 on PS4 and PS5.

Slitherfang is imposing because of its size and speed, but it also saves a lot of attacks to finish off Aloy. Spits acid under pressure over long distances, although the protagonist can shoot her tanks to deactivate this movement as soon as possible. However, it also has rays fired with the tail, an electric attack, and separating this piece with the arrows allows us to return the attacks against the robot -although Slitherfang resists this type of damage well-.

But there are many more weapons in the snake’s body. With the neck area you can shoot Sonic pulses deafening Aloy’s and they slow down movements, leaving the heroin vulnerable to other types of attacks such as biting. Director Mathijs de Jonge describes this as a “difficult to dodge” technique so it is best to back off when sensed than to use the paralyzing move.

Don’t underestimate Slitherfang even with his weapons deactivated. Use the whip body, climb to higher areas to have a more advantageous position and prevents Aloy from searching for safe areas. In addition, the pattern of attacks changes according to their vitality, forcing the player to change strategies as the fight progresses.

There are more attacks that we haven’t seen

The director comments to the publication that there are more types of attacks to discover and that stealth does not work against Slitherfang. However, like other creatures, there are several valid ways to defeat an enemy that is vulnerable to fire, ice and plasma, for which an armament of these elements is recommended.

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