Thursday, September 29

Hideo Kojima confirms he has two games going

Hideo Kojima has hinted that he has two projects going on at Kojima Productions. The information can be read in the Famitsu column, where the creator of Metal Gear Y Death Stranding It doesn’t give any details about the story, setting, or if one is a sequel, but it does mention some features. Again, it also confirms his interest in exploring other media not related to video games – a film, television and music studio was recently opened.

At the end of each year the publication Famitsu interviews different Japanese creators -127 this year-, such as Naoto Yoshida from Final Fantasy XIV and Hideki Kamiya from PlatinumGames, among many others. One of them is Kojima, who talks about his aspirations for 2022. That’s when Kojima comments that the studio works on two games: one “big” and one “new, challenging”. The latter clearly looks like an original license. During the gala The Game Awards 2021 he confirmed that in the appointment of 2022 he will wear his game -one of them, at least-.

Those who have followed the rumors of the last few months will be able to see some clues of them. One seems to be the Silent Hill that Sony will be producing and that somehow it will resume the canceled Silent Hills; Guillermo del Toro, a friend of Kojima, mentioned the saga during The Game Awards but later clarified that it was a provocation to Konami. The other title may be for Microsoft to rescue a canceled project for Google Stadia and take advantage of Microsoft’s cloud service – that is, the challenging game that he talks about in the text.

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Kojima Productions wants to regain flexibility and speed prepandemic

The director points out that he wants to step into the entertainment industry in 2022 with the division open in Los Angeles. Kojima too hopes to recover the study’s production rate to 2019 levels, before the pandemic.

Hideo Kojima works on two games

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