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GameCube Ultimate Control Kickstarter Campaign Canceled | Levelup

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A few weeks ago we told you about the Panda Controller, a special GameCube controller that seeks to be the definitive option for competitive gamers of Super Smash Bros. This ambitious project kicked off its Kickstarter campaign and quickly raised thousands of dollars thanks to community support. Unfortunately, little encouraging news came to light this morning.

Through a post in his websitePanda Global, the company responsible for the project, announced that it made the difficult decision to cancel the Kickstarter campaign and refund all the money. As of this writing, the campaign raised nearly $ 40 million in funding thanks to contributions from 14,714 backers.

Why was the Panda Controller kickstarter canceled?

Believe it or not, Nintendo had nothing to do with this unfortunate case. Instead, Panda Global claimed that its manufacturing partner in China currently suffers from continuous blackouts, which are slowing down its production line more than it already was due to shortages of parts and the health contingency.

Because of this, the organization states that it can no longer guarantee the original shipping date of the controls and currently does not know what the new release window will be. For this reason, it did not consider that it was correct to withhold the funds of the sponsors for an indefinite period.

“We know how disappointing this is for many of you. We cannot thank you enough for the support you gave us to help us make our dreams come true, ”said Panda Global in a statement.

Of course, the company assured that it will reimburse all the money to their respective owners. In addition, he promised that he will seek external investment to finance the project’s production.

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But tell us, were you one of the contributors to the Kickstarter campaign? Let us read you in the comments.

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