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Explanation of Eskel’s fate in the Witcher video games

The Witcher series on Netflix has made a major change with Eskel, whose fate in the video game series is that the Witcher takes care of Kaer Morhen.

While The Wizard series on Netflix has stayed true to much of the franchise’s source material, still unable to prevent changes to a couple of important plot points. One of the most notable involves the School of the Wolf Wizard, Eskel. In the Netflix show, Eskel’s fate links him to an ancient forest creature known as a leshy, also known as Leshen in The Wizard video game series. While players can involve multiple Leshens in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, none of them are responsible for Eskel’s death.

Eskel’s fate in The Wizard games are played for a longer amount of time compared to the show. While Eskel is not as famous as his comrade Geralt, he is as skilled and experienced as the White Wolf. The two met as apprentices at the same age, surviving the turbulent and dangerous upbringing Kaer Morhen provided. As adults, they expected to tell stories of their travels to each other, making the winter reunion scene in Kaer Morhen far more engaging than what is depicted in The Wizard and Netflix.

Eskel en The Witcher Games

During one of these meetings, Eskel meets Ciri for the first time both on the show and in the games. In The Wizard games, Geralt’s ward is greeted by Eskel, one of the new Witchers featured in Netflix’s second season, despite his skepticism. Eskel’s endearing personality and willingness to help train Ciri present him as welcoming and warm compared to some of his other siblings from the School of the Wolf. Some of this may come from your own experiences as a witch and your use of the Law of Surprise itself.

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In season 2 of The Wizard series, Eskel has a more repressive attitude towards the princess of Cintra in Kaer Morhen. In the games, Deidre Ademeyn was Eskel’s reward in the Law of Surprise, and while he did his best to avoid collecting this reward, they finally met when she sought refuge among the warlocks. As a woman believed to be cursed by the Black Sun, Deidre was ostracized, and her fate with Eskel in the games comes down to a choice of the player.

If she is not helped, an outburst scars Eskel and it is strongly implied that the warlock has to hunt down her and stop her reign of terror in the lands around the warlock stronghold, Kaer Morhen. However, if the player helps, Deidre accidentally cuts Eskel in a fight with his brother and regrets it, leaving as a way to resolve the matter. These actions and others help paint Eskel as almost the exact opposite of how he was featured in season 2 of The Wizard.

Long after Eskel’s troubles with the Law of Surprise and Ciri’s training, the witcher participates in Kaer Morhen’s defense against the wild hunt. While Wild Hunt will be on the Netflix show, the way it will be presented could be very different thanks to Eskel’s death. In The witcher 3 Wild Hunt’s attack on Kaer Morhen is repulsed, but ultimately leads to Vesemir’s death. In the time that followed this incident, Eskel assumes the responsibilities of Kaer Morhen for a time before returning to his travels as a sorcerer.

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Eskel’s death in the Netflix series takes something away from her character. Rather than Eskel equaling Geralt as an efficient and skilled warlock, his failure in a fight against the leshy ultimately costs him his life. Instead of intensifying his responsibilities as a witch, as he does in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, has to be killed by his old friend and can no longer be Kaer Morhen’s future caretaker.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt It is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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