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Emily In Paris Season 2 Teases Her Ridiculous Fashion

There’s a lot to joke about when it comes to Emily In Paris, but the series goes a step further, acknowledging Emily’s ridiculous sense of fashion.

Caution: minor spoilers later for Emily in Paris season 2

In Emily in Paris Season 2, the show pokes fun at Emily Cooper’s sometimes ridiculous fashion choices. After debuting in October 2020, audiences found plenty to scoff at Emily in Paris and its main character, played by Lily Collins, from her ability to make friends around every corner, to her general forgetfulness of obvious social cues. This turned the show into a fan-favorite hate watch, with many fearing that Emily in Paris season 2 could make the same mistakes as its first season.

Emily in Paris Season 2 begins directly after the events of season 1, with Emily still torn by her one-night stand with Gabriel after he decides to stay in Paris. While he appears to be on top of his game in Savoir, his personal life is less orderly as he juggles his feelings for Gabriel and his loyalty to Camille. Finally, Emily meets Alfie, a transplant from London who is in Paris for work, in her French class, but things were not easy between them at first. Alfie’s disdain for being in Paris and for his new partner is clear, but their burgeoning romance casts aside one of the Emily in Paris the biggest plots of season 2 and allows the show to poke fun at itself at the same time.

During an assignment in their French class, Emily and Alfie are instructed to interview and inform the class about their partner. While Emily is taking this project seriously, presenting Alfie’s life in a simple way, Alfie uses his presentation to poke fun at Emily. In French, Alfie tells the class: “Emily wears silly clothes, “Eliciting laughter from his classmates. While the line seems like a throwaway moment, Emily takes it seriously, showing the character’s sometimes excruciating seriousness while still laughing at her.

While Emily in Paris season 2 fixes some things and changes others, Emily’s fashion remains the same and that seems to be largely the point. Emily’s colorful and garish fashions are used to emphasize her Americanity, especially while juxtaposed with the classic and more sophisticated fashions of her French counterparts. Emily’s dedication is what makes it tick, but it’s clear that she’s not Carrie Bradshaw, and the show knows it. Not only do they make fun of Emily’s fashion in Emily in Paris season 2, but the show finds other ways to poke fun at its concept in interesting ways.

In the newest season of the show, it looks like Star, Collins, and company. They have taken the criticisms from the first season and capitalized on them. From the continued lack of consequences for her actions to Emily’s obsession with her phone, season 2 shows that the series has become more self-aware, and that’s ultimately a good sign for Emily in Paris season 3. One of the most notable moments of humor comes when Emily is trying to promote Camille’s family champagne brand, which inadvertently leads Camille’s father to cut his finger. Blood spreads all over Emily, and her phone, and it seems like Emily in Paris he’s well aware of his flaws at the time and doesn’t really care, which is probably a good thing.

Emily in Paris Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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