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Elden Ring: Miyazaki explains why players can’t wear rings

That Elden Ring It is one of the most anticipated games of the next 2022 it is not an innocent, since the title has been chosen in many rankings as the game that most winners have for video game lovers in general and fans of From Software titles. in particular.

One of the curiosities of the next game from the Japanese studio is that, Despite its name, it does not allow players to equip magic rings to improve the characters, something that we can do in other games from the same studio, such as Dark Souls.

When asked by fans, Hidetaka Miyazaki (director of the work) wanted to come to the fore in an interview with Wccftech to explain the reason that the rings cannot be used in the game, which is none other than making them a special object that has a great impact on the story rather than a mere piece of equipment to replace from time to time.

There are several reasons why we have made this decision“, comments Miyazaki.”The first is that yes, we used rings a lot as equippable items in previous games (like Dark Souls in particular) and for that, the talismans this time allow us to approach your idea in a different way, with a greater variety of designs. The second The reason is, of course, rings exist as physical “finger rings” in the game, but are more unique elements that are involved in the story and events with unique characters, so we wanted them to have a special category within the world of Elden Ring and also be something different from a design point of view in relation to talismans“.

Elden Ring gets closer to what would be Miyazaki’s ideal game

Miyazaki has been quite active lately when it comes to interviews, spending part of his time answering questions from various outlets such as Edge, a magazine to which he has made some very interesting statements that suggest that Elden Ring is very close to what would be the ideal game for this creator.

I’m not approaching it as a question of ‘this is the kind of open world I’d like to create’. It is simply that the open world enriches the experience I am trying to achieve.“says the game director.”To give some small examples, if I am going to explore this world, I want a map, a real map. Or you know, if I see something there, I want to be able to reach out and explore it. And I want to fight a dragon in an itchy area, things like that. It is very simple, but Elden Ring allows many of these things to come true, create something that is close to my ideal of play“.

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