Thursday, December 8

Capcom will give us more information on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak this spring

Monster Hunter Rise has been one of the best games of this 2021, both for critics and for its success on Nintendo Switch in the absence of its arrival on PC which will take place in a few weeks, more specifically on January 12 of the increasingly close 2022.

In addition to its launch on computers, Capcom plans to release next year Sunbreak, the first major expansion for the game of which at the moment we do not have too many details although, luckily, the Japanese study has already told us when we will be able to learn more information about this new paid content for this outstanding video game.

And it is that, during the day yesterday, Capcom itself launched a Tweet from the official account of Monster Hunter in which it said, “Hunters, we know you are eager to hear more about Sunbreak … Stay tuned for … Spring 2022!“. Therefore for next spring we will have more news of this expansion gigantic that, if nothing fails, will arrive next summer.

Monster Hunter, a successful saga with more than 72 million units sold

At this point in the history of the video game it is undeniable that Monster Hunter is a highly successful saga within history that, in fact, has already achieved exceed 72 million units sold worldwide, largely driven by the success of Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise as well, a figure that will likely increase quite significantly when the game launches on PC next January.

Are you looking forward to the launch of Monster Hunter Rise on PC or its expansion in the summer?

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