Friday, May 27

Animal Crossing: what would it have been like on the Game Boy? • Console and Dashboard

The saga Animal Crossing It is one of the most beloved in history, hence it serves as an inspiration for the most creative minds. This time, u/gejospixelart, usuario de RedditImagine what it would be like on Game Boy.


It is common for the community to combine present with nostalgia, through time travel. The life simulator’s turn has just come, starring charismatic characters.

User u / gejospixelart imagines what it would have looked like Animal Crossing on Game Boy. Naturally, the color disappears to give absolute prominence to the grays. Pixels dominate the whole scene, both in regards to the island (with its nature and buildings), and in its characters.

In the absence of a video, we have to be content with two animations. In them, we see the smoke from the chimney, a dialog box and the time in motion. Will you be encouraged to recreate more scenes?

Animal Crossing Game Boy simulacion

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