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A 3-screen mobile device? Microsoft could make it happen on Surface | Levelup

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Microsoft has struggled a lot to position itself in the mobile device sector, but little has managed to position itself in it thanks to the proposals of the Surface line and we are currently in the era of the Surface Duo, a device with a double screen. However, we know that innovation does not stop and the North American company could take an important step to deal with a detail of its current hardware.

A 3-screen Surface, the future according to Microsoft

According to information from Windows Central, Microsoft registered a patent that explains what the future of Surface mobile devices could be, this time adding a third screen to a hypothetical new model that would be the evolution of the company’s line for the sector. Although initially we can think of an exaggeration by including a third screen from a basic perspective that “3 is better than 2”, the reality is not like that, as this would represent an advance in terms of user experience.

The future of Surface, Microsoft’s mobile device

As you can see in the image, which is part of Microsoft’s registry, this Surface model would have more possibilities at a visual level and user experience when fully deployed thanks to the third screen. However, more than that, the positive character of the way in which the device retracts has been pointed out, since it would leave that third screen within the user’s reach so that, if you like, it can be used the same way as a single screen device.

What happens is that, currently, with the Surface Duo, users do not have access to the screens while the device is closed, so a third screen and the way it would be would provide this option.

What do you think of this possibility for the future for Microsoft’s Surface?

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