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5 best Marvel TV moments of 2021

Marvel Studios produced and released five television series in 2021, each offering a unique take on the MCU and the world at large.

The year 2021 offered great content on television, including five new series of Marvel Studios, which have expanded the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some new characters were introduced, while existing ones were given a chance to shine. While it is extremely difficult to pin down the best moments of these series, there were instances that stood out and will remain forever in the minds of fans.

There were some meaningful conversations, jokes, and lots of action as the Marvel heroes appeared on Disney Plus in a weekly episode format. With each release, the fan theories became even more adventurous, and the Easter eggs in many of the episodes increased the excitement. Phase 4 of the MCU started with WandaVision, followed by four other series throughout the year, including The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, What if…?, Y Hawkeye.

Every Marvel series that made it to Disney Plus offered a unique take on the MCU and the world at large. While WandaVision focused on grief and people’s ability to cope with loss, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier it had racial overtones and focused on discrimination in society. Loki reunited fans with one of their favorite characters, while also offering insight into his approach to love, family, and loneliness. It was no longer just about the lives of heroes, as the five Marvel series that premiered in 2021 did not shy away from dealing with real emotions. They have completely changed the course of the MCU. While fallen heroes will be missed, including Iron Man, Captain America, and the Black Widow, a new generation of heroes has arrived to attempt to fill that void. Through their individual series, they have created some memorable moments for fans.

When WandaVision First started streaming on Disney Plus, fans were a bit confused about what they were watching. As the story unfolded, they became hooked on the plot about a fictional land called Westview, where Wanda lived happily with Vision and her twin sons, Billy and Tommy. The series was full of unforgettable moments, but the one that stood out the most is when Evan Peters’ Pietro Maximoff arrives at Wanda’s doorstep.

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Prior to the series premiere, Disney’s takeover of 21st Century Fox had already taken place, and Walt Disney had become the owner of assets previously owned by Fox, including the X Men universe. Fans were already theorizing about the Multiverse as part of Phase 4, and when Peters, who played Maximoff in the X Men movies, appeared in WandaVision, it seemed that the two universes had collided.

Casting Peters as Maximoff was a strategic but fantastic move by Marvel Studios. The moment Wanda opens the door to find him standing outside is one fans will never forget. “Did she rephrase Pietro ?!” asks Kat Dennings’ Darcy Lewis, expressing the minds of all viewers at the time. The possibility of mutants coming to the MCU led excited fans to ponder that moment for weeks.

Marvel Studios was clearly aware of what they were doing and how fans would react to the casting of Peters as Maximoff. Unfortunately, at the end of the season it was revealed that Peters was actually Ralph Bohner, a neighbor who was being controlled by Kathryn Hahn’s villain Agatha Harkness. He smashed all fan theories about the Avengers and the X-Men going into battle together at some point in the future. Love it or hate it, Peters’ Maximoff moment is perhaps one of the best in WandaVision.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is a series that many Capitan America The fans were looking forward to it, because they would get a chance to meet the new Cap. However, what they weren’t expecting are the deeper racial undertones throughout the season. The series was shocking and loaded with meaningful conversations. While the topic was extremely important, the series managed to make fans laugh, and Daniel Bruhl’s Baron Zemo had a big role to play in that.

After episode three of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier released, Dancing Zemo became a viral internet meme. On their quest to track down the super soldier serum, Zemo, Sam Wilson, and Bucky Barnes arrive at a nightclub on the fictional island of Madripoor. But, having been locked up in a maximum security prison, Zemo finds it exhilarating to be free and begins to enjoy music.

The scene became so popular that fans urged Marvel Studios to release the full clip of the dance sequence using #ReleaseTheZemoCut. Their pleas were heard and the longest clip, which was shortened to a few seconds in the episode, was officially revealed by the studio on social media. At the time, Bruhl had revealed that the dance moves were completely improvised, but they clearly won the hearts of fans.

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Loki It served a glorious purpose and reunited fans with one of their most favorite characters – and more. Viewers were able to meet Tom Hiddleston’s Loki once again, but were quite surprised to see several other Variants appear, making the Multiverse a definitive concept. Fans had to think a lot, including the fact that Sylvie, the other protagonist, was a variant of Loki, the time variance authority was a lie, the time keepers were androids, and the infinity stones were useless once seized. they took to the world. TVA headquarters. But, the best moment of the series was the presentation of He Who Remains by Jonathan Majors.

Kang the Conqueror has been talked about ever since. Loki premiered, and fans were convinced that the series would introduce him as the next big villain in the MCU. The confirmed casting of Majors as the character of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania it meant that it was indeed possible. When Loki and Sylvie arrive at the hideout of the castle of the mastermind that controls the TVA, the onlookers were sure that Kang would be waiting for them. While Majors was in the building, the series put an interesting twist on popular fan theory.

The sequence almost unfolds like a monologue, with Major’s He Who Remains explaining the past, the Multiversal War, the making of TVA, and its role in everything. While it was exciting to see Majors appear in that castle, it was equally confusing that he played a different role than fans expected. However, that moment clears up all the doubts fans had up to that point about the Multiversal mayhem and the Sacred Timeline. The introduction of He Who Remains was the key ingredient to wrap up the season, and let’s not forget that he shaped Kang’s arrival in the future.

What if…? It was by far the most intriguing series in Marvel, putting the much-loved MCU characters in completely different avatars. Jeffrey Wright’s The Watcher was perhaps the biggest character the series featured, and it would be interesting to see him play a role in the advancement of the MCU. For most of the series, he remained in his own realm, observing the actions of the various heroes. But, the moment when Ultron becomes aware of his presence and the fact that there are universes beyond his is the most significant.

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After fighting the heroes and destroying the universe, Ultron realizes that his job is done. “With its mission complete, Ultron was now just a program without a purpose. The victor without war, condemned to spend all eternity alone ”, The Watcher is heard narrating at that moment. Little does he know that Ultron can actually hear him. “Who … who said that?” Ultron responds. He turns around and looks The Watcher straight in the eye. For a villain, realizing that the Multiverse exists is extremely dangerous and could lead to another Multiversal war, making that moment extraordinary.

Hawkeye was loaded with wacky moments, constant banter between the two leads, and some exciting revelations. But, the moment that stands out the most is when the series slows down a bit and allows a meaningful conversation to take place between Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova and Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop.

When Yelena arrives at Bishop’s apartment, fans immediately expect the worst. But the conversation that follows will always remain in viewers’ minds. What starts with instant macaroni and cheese jokes and a tour of New York quickly turns into a serious discussion about the importance of family and the Avengers’ ability to get away with just because they are considered heroes. It is at this time that Bishop learns that Yelena is Natasha Romanoff’s sister and wants to kill Clint Barton.

The dialogue in the impromptu dinner scene is absolutely brilliant and the tension in that 10 minute scene is palpable. The conversation is both light and serious and Pugh wonderfully manages to portray Yelena’s emotions, while being friendly and threatening at the same time. Although it seems like Yelena’s moment, Bishop’s character development during that scene is also immense. After Hawkeye, fans are looking forward to seeing Yelena and Bishop fight wars together in the future.


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