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10 movie villains who died dramatically

When baddies rush to their deaths in movies, they sometimes do so in an especially dramatic way, only to come out with a bang.

Content warning: this article contains references / images of graphic violence

Movie villains tend to exaggerate, on purpose, to create tension, drama, and excitement. They tend to be charismatic and fascinating, no matter how horrible their demeanor, and the only thing better than seeing them meet their creator at the hands of the hero at the climax of the film.

Many of these villains are thrown to their deaths with varying degrees of dramatic flair, and have been immortalized on screen in some of the most-watched movie scenes ever. Nor is it enough for a villain to fall. They have to give it that extra special level of dramatic impact before the real the impact occurs.

10 Saruman (Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King)

This dramatic death can only be seen through the Extended Edition version of Return of the King, much to the chagrin of moviegoers who went to see it on opening night in theaters. The scene in question shows Christopher Lee’s Saruman confronting Gandalf after their forces were defeated by the combined force of the Ents.

They share a brief exchange in which Saruman hints at Sauron’s next move, only for things to fall apart immediately afterward. When Gríma Snaketongue stabs Saruman in the back, he falls from Orthanc’s tower and impales himself on the protruding spike of a water wheel.

9 Alec Trevelyan (GoldenEye)

006 and 007 had a tumultuous history together, with the latter learning that the former had gone rogue after a botched operation. Under the name Janus, 006, also known as Alec Trevelyan, he tried to get his hands on GoldenEye, a satellite-based EMP weapon developed by the Russians before the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The two last met on a giant communications dish in Cuba, and Bond grabbed Trevelyan by the leg. After delivering one of the coolest James Bond With all-time quotes, Bond let Trevelyan plummet to his death with a spectacular death cry worthy of the caliber of Sean Bean.

8 Travis Dane (Under Siege 2: Dark Territory)

One of the silliest and funniest death drop scenes in any action movie comes courtesy of Steven Seagal’s entertaining action vehicle. Under siege 2. This sequel takes place on a moving train that has been hijacked by terrorists, who are in control of a top-secret satellite weapon that can trigger earthquakes anywhere in the world.

The ending sequence finds the train ready to derail and Casey Ryback fighting for a way out. Climb a helicopter ladder to safety, only to find that the main antagonist, Travis Dane, is also trying to climb aboard. Ryback closes the helicopter door, cutting off all of his fingers in a comical way and sending Dane to a fierce death.

7 El Joker (Batman)

The climactic fight of the Joker against Batman in the final act of the 1989 Tim Burton classic is for the books. After eliminating the Joker’s men, Batman turns his attention to the criminal who murdered his parents so many years before. Clearly outmatched in terms of physical strength, the Joker tips the scales in his favor by throwing Batman and Vicki Vale over the edge of a church tower.

As they cling to the edge, the Joker laughs and dances, giving Batman a chance to tie his leg up with a grapple gun. When the Joker’s helicopter pulls him away from the edge, it hooks onto a stone gargoyle, which is enough to cause him to lose control, leading him to launch himself to his death.

6 Hans Gruber (die hard)

The first Die hard The film ended with Alan Rickman’s untamed and diabolical Hans Gruber falling to his death in super slow motion, with a wide shot showing the fall from another angle. It occurs when John McClane pretends to surrender to Gruber in the final act, only to surprise him with a service pistol strapped to his back.

Gruber walks through the window but threatens to take John’s wife Holly with him. As Gruber prepares to shoot them both to death, McClane unties Holly’s wristwatch, causing her to lose control and rush to her death in shock. Director John McTiernan later revealed in the Die hard Commentary clue he dropped Rickman earlier than expected to capture a look of genuine fear on his face.

5 Goro (Mortal Kombat)

The 1995 Mortal Kombat The film pitted Johnny Cage against the fearsome Goro in a fight to turn the tide in favor of the Earth Kingdom. It came immediately after Cage learned an important life lesson hinted at by Raiden, where he decided to take his destiny into his own hands and fight for more than himself.

Clearly outmatched in terms of physical strength, Cage uses cunning and psychological warfare to bring him down before kicking him off the edge of a cliff. Holding it with one hand, Goro looked towards a victorious cage, who uttered the line “This is where you fall.” The rest is history.

4 Dick Jones (RoboCop)

The unscrupulous Dick Jones had a lot to answer for in the first RoboCop film. Not only did he get Bob Morton killed out of spite after being promoted up the corporate ladder, he also associated himself with Detroit’s most violent and sadistic criminal. By the time the dust settled, RoboCop was ready for a vengeance.

However, Jones had secretly implanted a Fourth Directive into RoboCop’s programming, preventing him from arresting any high-ranking OCP member. When Jones took the Old Man hostage, the latter fired him on the spot, which was enough to undo the Fourth Directive. RoboCop shot Jones to death and sent him plummeting out of the boardroom window.

3 Commander Kruge (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)

Rescuing Spock involved doing whatever it took, and Captain Kirk and the crew were up for the challenge. After going rogue and stealing the USS Enterprise in contradiction to orders, they fled to the fledgling planet Genesis, where Spock’s body was in radical stages of resurrection.

The Klingon Commander, known as Kruge, had his own plans for the Genesis device and wanted to turn it into a weapon. After ordering the death of Kirk’s son, the two fought violently as the planet Genesis was torn apart. Kruge met his head when Kirk kicked him into a river of magma, then got his ship.

2 Mace Windu (Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith)

When Chancellor Palpatine finally revealed himself as Darth Sidious, the Jedi were dispatched to remove him from power. The Sith Lord took down several of them in an instant, leaving only Mace Windu, a hardened Jedi warrior. The two fought tooth and nail, until Windu won the game and prepared to take him down.

Anakin Skywalker’s untimely intervention gave Sidious the opportunity he needed to turn the tide. He unleashed the full power of the dark side Force lightning on Windu, knocking him out of the Chancellor’s chambers and leading to his presumed death. If Windu had managed to arrest Sidious, his story would have played out very differently.

1 El T-1000 (Terminator 2: Judgment Day)

One of the most dramatic villain deaths comes courtesy of Terminator 2, during the last scene in the metallurgy factory. After taking the form of its mother, the T-1000 attempted to lure John Connor, its main target, towards it for the final blow. The real Sarah Connor appeared to equalize the score, firing a grenade that blew up the T-1000.

The damage done to the Terminator was extensive, and before it had time to recombine, it collapsed in a vat of molten lead, dissolving molecule by molecule, as it flailed in an attempt to save itself. The chilling screech was nothing more than a precursor to the final image of his face melting, ending the threat once and for all.

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