Tuesday, October 4

Windows 10 update just removed this useful feature

It seems like hardly a day goes by with no news of a Windows 10 update doing something we’d really rather it didn’t. Usually that implies some kind of bug or harmful crash, but the last example actually removes a useful feature.

Microsoft has confirmed that the latest Windows 10 feature pack has disabled the screen clipping feature, which allows users to copy and paste screenshots directly into a File Explorer folder. So now you have to save them manually.

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The good news is that this is not permanent. In a blog post, Microsoft explained that the feature was removed after Windows Insiders discovered an issue with it. Microsoft hasn’t explained what the issue was, but says it hopes to “re-enable this capability in a future update after we fix this issue.”

At this time, most users will not be affected by this change, as this update will only be rolled out to members with Early Access. So by the time it reaches the general public, Microsoft could have easily found and solved the problem.

This isn’t the only change Microsoft has been rolling out to the Windows 10 clipboard. In August, The company announced that the clipboard was being modified to allow for a new panel that allows users to insert emojis, GIFs, and other content into documents and emails.

Microsoft also improved the clipboard history feature, adding support for HTML content and images over normal text. That update also removed the old cap, which only logged the last 25 things you copied. Everything can be accessed by pressing Win + V together.

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More recently, Windows 10 really hasn’t had a good time, thanks to a host of issues that crop up in what feels like every update. Not only a recent Windows 10 update sending some PCs to an endless boot cycle, users also had to deal with browser bindings crashing their machines, a command that could corrupt certain hard drives and more. Microsoft even removed a feature that allowed it to minimize everything but a single window.

When it comes to Windows 10 problems, the temporary loss of screen clipping is actually quite minor. After all, you can still save screenshots; you just have to take a slightly more scenic route.


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