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Why William Zabka was worried about Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai star William Zabka reveals that he initially had some concerns about the series’ tone, in addition to how Johnny would be played.

Cobra Kai Star William Zabka reveals that he initially had some concerns about the show. based on The Karate Kid movie franchise, Cobra Kai takes place three decades after the events of the original films. He has earned accolades for his reexamination of the film’s central feud, initially focusing on Johnny Lawrence (played by Zabka) as he rekindles his long-standing rivalry with Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio). The series has been a huge success, earning early renewals from Netflix and receiving a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Comedy.

Cobra Kai Not only has he brought Zabka and Macchio back to portray the characters they originated, but he also changed the premise of The Karate Kid movies turning Johnny into the lead and showing a more antagonistic side to Daniel. Since then, the show has complicated that simple binary, emphasizing that both men have their strong attributes and glaring flaws. Cobra Kai He has also extended the same treatment to most of the individuals who populate his world, frequently resisting the urge to paint his characters with a thick brush.

Talking with Page six promote Cobra Kai Season 4, which premieres on Netflix on December 31, Zabka said he had some concerns about the series early on. As the actor explained, one concern was the tone the writers would use given that Karate kid It was a movie from the 80s that was very much of its time. Another point of concern, however, was related to how Johnny would be portrayed and whether he would be portrayed as a villain. Zabka’s quote is included below.

“My concern on entering was what the tone of the show was going to be because ‘The Karate Kid’ was a family movie from the 80s. [so] how are we going to achieve this today. I also wanted to make sure that at the end of the show, Johnny doesn’t get the proverbial crane kick to the face and establish himself as the greatest villain of all time. “

The change that Cobra Kai It does, although seemingly simple, has been to show Johnny’s life in all its complicated fullness. That kind of measured approach, even when the rest of the series can be so gleefully hulking, has helped viewers invest in the relationship between Daniel and Johnny as they navigated space from former rivals to tentative allies. And it is perhaps the main reason why Cobra Kai Not only has he accumulated popularity during his career, but he has also received praise and praise from critics and casual viewers who have not necessarily had a strong attachment to the Karate kid franchise.

Cobra Kai It also does what many other TV revivals have, in terms of bringing in a new cast to mingle with the returning stars. But it goes beyond that setting and offers something different, while still honoring its origins. He has helped make the show one of Netflix’s most consistent hits, sparking conversations about other spinoffs that would uphold the same spirit. It’s safe to say that while Zabka’s concerns were well founded, his return as Johnny has been quite rewarding.

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