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Welcome to Plathville: why Lydia Plath is like her mother Kim

Viewers of TLC’s Welcome to Plathville really feel like Lydia Plath looks like her mother, Kim. They both have the same morals and rules of life.

Viewers of Welcome to Plathville I feel like Lydia Plath is a lot like her mother, Kim Plath. The controlling matriarch has brainwashed her third eldest daughter, according to those who believe Lydia never had a chance. Season 3 showed Lydia trying to escape the house, but they quickly lured her back.

The 17-year-old has been a hot topic last season as Welcome to Plathville Viewers began to support Lydia. Kim and Barry Plath’s daughter has often shown that she can be trusted as she usually takes her mother’s side. For three seasons, Lydia has been doing most of the housework, cooking, and helping out with her younger sisters. While viewers felt that she should be rewarded for all her hard work, she often comes across longer to-do lists and her closest prayer. Last season showed Lydia at a crossroads, as she revealed that she had a crush on a friend of the church family. Unfortunately, her parents were against her courtship and asked her to cut all ties.

Lydia is more like Kim than you think. Kim and Barry’s rigid standards have already caused problems with Lydia’s older siblings, but the fifth oldest can always be seen alongside their mother during every confrontation. It’s easy to understand why Kim treats Lydia as her favorite, as she has an ally built in at all times. Lydia is the family peacemaker who also has a great devotion to her religion. Kim is proud to have raised her children under the teachings of Jesus. Both women enjoy reading the scriptures and singing gospel tunes.

It has also been noted that Lydia never says a negative word about either of her parents. At the same time, Kim and Barry often praise their sweet daughter for how obedient she is. Kim once pointed out that she wants Lydia’s husband not to take advantage of her nice personality. It’s also hard to ignore that Kim and Lydia look alike and dress similarly. Welcome to Plathville Season 3 showed Lydia hugging jeans like her mother wears them. The two usually sport the same hairstyle and clips.

Lydia had a run this season with her parents after she continued to text a boy on his mother’s phone. While being reprimanded, Kim made sure to lift Lydia by pointing out how she was able to take her parents’ corrections well. Welcome to Plathville Viewers feel that if Lydia doesn’t escape from the family home soon, she will surely become a mini-Kim.

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