Monday, June 27

The Anacrusis is coming to PC and Xbox in January • Console and Dashboard

The Anacrusis already has a release date. It will be on January 13 when it debuts on PC and Xbox consoles. The arrival will occur in early access, so it will continue for a while in development.


Stray Bombay brings to life a first-person shooter game that can be played cooperatively by up to four people (it can also be played by teaming up with artificial intelligence). With science fiction as our banner, we will explore a luxury spaceship, infested with aliens.

The mission is to survive hordes of enemies, for which we will use a wide arsenal of classic weapons. As we progress, we will unlock new weapons and perks, as well as more ways to play.

The story will introduce us to four characters, who will be in charge of defending humanity. The Anacrusis will have cross play. The idea of ​​its developers is to take advantage of community criticism to continue creating the game, once it is released in early access.

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