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Tactical shooter ready or missing editor after promising school shooter mission

Ready or Not, a tactical shooter that puts players in the role of SWAT members, loses its publisher after promising a controversial mission.

Those who have hit the main Steam page in the last week have probably seen Ready or Not, a tactical shooter similar to Rainbow six games that put players in the role of SWAT officers. Currently one of Steam’s best sellers, early access community reviews are “overwhelmingly positive.” However, despite its initial success, Ready or Not It has lost its publisher to a possible controversial mission.

First reported by Kotaku, Ready or Not forms divided into a mutually agreed arrangement. While the split announcement does not contain details on the reasons for the breakup, a recent comment from a Ready or Not developer on Reddit can explain why editor Team17 decided to part ways with VOID Interactive, the studio behind Ready or Not.

The Reddit post in question was posted by u / Busterbroin, who asked if Ready or Not It would have a school shooting mission. A comment from a developer by the screen name Gruntr, which has since been removed from the post by a moderator, claimed that there would indeed be such a mission. The comment said “you better believe it will happen”, more or less confirming that something in that sense is planned, if not currently in process.

Responses on the subreddit have been mostly positive about the description of a school shooting, many comparisons to Modern Warfare 2 controversial mission “No Russian”, which describes a mass shooting at an airport in which players can, but are not encouraged, to participate. More generally, the response has been much less positive, with many believing that putting a school shooting in a video game, even as a hero, is taking things too far.

School shootings have haunted the United States for decades, becoming a hot topic of discussion as more incidents occur. The rate of gun violence in the United States far exceeds the rest of the developed world according to data released by the BBC, a fact that has kept the country divided on the issue of gun control. Since school shootings are all too common, it is a problem that many feel should not be portrayed in entertainment.

VOID Interactive is now being developed independently Ready or Not, so the content it contains depends entirely on the studio. It is controversial, although the possibility of depicting a school shooting does not seem to affect its reception. However, that can change when the level is added.

Ready or Not is now available on PC.

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