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Subject blows up his Tesla in protest against Elon Musk and the company | Levelup

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Although the laws that are responsible for protecting the authorship and possession of all kinds of things, including technology, provide an adequate legal framework for some creators and companies, it is also true that it has led to a series of anti-consumer practices, since they reduce the possibilities from the user to the only thing that a company offers. In the case of the automotive industry, it is said that the golden dream would be to sell cars with the hood sealed and only manipulable and repairable at a mechanical level by the same manufacturing companies and something similar happens with the line of Tesla cars that led a client to protest unexpectedly.

More than $ 20,000 USD to change a battery in a Tesla Model S

A subject from Finland (via The Gamer) took his annoyance against Elon Musk and Tesla by blowing up his Tesla Model S, this after a problem with the vehicle was not covered by the company causing a very high repair cost. According to the information, the Finnish Tuomas Katainen experienced a failure in his 2013 Tesla Model S with only 1,500 kilometers behind him. The problem? Battery. The detail? It can only be repaired with Tesla.

Thinking that his purchase would be covered by the company and the dealer, Katainen contacted the company, they picked up the car and after a month received the answer that no repair had been made as it involved a change in the battery which would come out at $ 22,600 USD. Given this scenario, the driver decided that he would not pay that amount and since the car would be useless, it would serve to make it explode, with everything and a figure of Elon Musk, thanks to 30 kilos of dynamite, a process that you can see below.

The debate about the null possibilities that users have to repair is still active

Recently, Tesla was in the crosshairs of the road and communications authorities of the United States because there was concern about the options to play video games –as you know, Tesla vehicles include hardware equivalent to that of a High-end PC – because it remained active even with the car in motion, something dangerous. As a result of this, the company had no choice but to apply changes and now it is not possible to play unless the vehicle is stopped.

On the other hand, to understand the context of this protest by the Finnish driver, it is enough to go back to what happened in the US this year, where the government proposed and saw the approval of an exemption in the Digital Age Copyright Act (DMCA ) that allows users to analyze and repair pieces of hardware, including some consoles, without this representing something illegal and at the same time, allowing a scene of investigation and repair created by third parties, Curiously, this change arose as a result of a protest from US farmers, who were fed up with the fact that John Deere tractors could only be checked and repaired by the company, which represented high costs.

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