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SEGA will raffle off a PC so powerful that it even has wheels and can run at 100 km / hr | Levelup

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SEGA is an unorthodox company. That should have been clear to us since they released Segagaga for the SEGA Dreamcast. However, if for some reason you were in doubt as to whether it was or not, you have to find out about his new raffle.

SEGA announced that it is preparing a raffle in which it will give away a powerful PC for gaming. It is a computer equipped with an Intel Core i9-12900K; a 16GB Radeon Rx 6900 XT graphics card; a Crucial M.2 2 TBM SSD and 16 GB of DDR4 RAM.

Sounds good, what’s so strange about this computer? What happens is that to create it SEGA allied itself with G Force, a Japanese company that specializes in remote control cars. This in order to put 4 tires on this computer and turn it into a remote control car that can ride professional circuits.

SEGA and G Force didn’t just create this remote control computer / car. They also tested it to check its limits. Thanks to this we know that this team can run next-generation games and reach a speed of 100 km / hr.

You can see the computer go full throttle in the video below:

The reason SEGA made this PC is because they are looking to give it away in a raffle to promote Steam’s winter sale. The winner will also receive 23 codes to redeem for SEGA PC games. Unfortunately, the promotion only applies to Japan.

What did you think of this computer? Would you like to have a PC that also doubles as a remote control car? Tell us in the comments.

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