Wednesday, June 29

Ready or Not loses its editor for the inclusion of a level set in a school

A few years ago it was announced Ready or Not, a first person shooter game with a strong tactical component. In it, players will play an elite SWAT agent, who will have to fulfill different missions in hostile, intense and claustrophobic situations in the United States, inspired by some real cases. You have entered Early Access and everything seemed to be going well, until Void Interactive has announced that Team17 will no longer publish this title.

The announcement, described by a decision “by mutual agreement”, is “the correct decision for the future” of the game and comes days after a controversy that has been the trigger for the break: the inclusion of a level set in a school shooting.

Basically we control a SWAT that, accompanied by agents -other players or AI- must solve events with armed hostages and enemies. User reviews are “extremely positive” on Steam with over 12,500 reviews, but this is clearly not enough for Team17 who wants to stand out from the foreseeable complaints to receive for a mission inspired by events sadly common in America, the school shootings.

Void Interactive wants a real game

The developer ensures that it is working together with law enforcement to create the most realistic game possible, but some media recall that the police do not exactly enjoy a good image in the country after accusations of racism and unnecessary violence.

The reactions of the players have not been long in coming. Some find it interesting to play these types of situations that SWATs face, while others find it uncomfortable and recall controversial levels such as the shooting of civilians at the airport in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In any case the idea was always present in Ready or Not, as the 2017 reveal trailer already showed the perspective of someone hiding under a school table.

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