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Raju, the eclipse of the tricks • Console and Board

Haven’t you learned anything? No, I see that not. You know my story. It is not enough to stop you. You are ready to take all the Arkonites that fit in your bags, no matter who you step on.

As a demon and lord of eclipses, I am not the best person to teach morality lessons. In fact, they are far from my speech. Power moves mountains. It is a reflection in which everyone tries to see themselves. The cause of all wars. But I would like to warn you that not a few fall.

Dirty deals will be carried out by necromancers and thieves. Paladins will provide a false sense of security. Witches Witch hunters. Some other golem. No one hesitates to do their thing, with mistakes doomed to be repeated. And Death. Death is more present than you think. That’s how it is Raju.


Raju is a card game of 2 to 6 participants, with competitions of 20 to 60 minutes, indicated from 8 years. It bears the signature of Francisco Gallardo.

We are facing the new Pinbro Games project. The publisher seeks funding in Verkami to make it a reality, with an initial goal set at 2,500 euros. Its price during the campaign is 18 euros, in a reward that includes the game, the unlocked extras and the expenses to the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

Increasing this amount, can be added the expenses to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, an additional copy, the previous games of the publisher, a resin miniature of the dragon for the initial player or plastic gems and chests. If you reach your goal, you will hit the tables in June 2022.

The action places us in a fantasy world, in which we can get hold of the most valuable Arkonites. Assassins, thieves, necromancers, witches and even Death himself will be part of our team, trying to take advantage of their abilities in full eclipse. Tricks are its main mechanic, generating intense combat.


Before we begin, we will place the Arkonites in the Temple bag. For a long game, we will use them all. We place it within everyone’s reach, along with the dice. Each player receives a set of nine masters. They will all have the same characters, with color as the difference.

He also obtains a help letter and a bag of coffers of the kingdom. The ugliest one kicks off the game, lasting nine rounds. Each one starts pulling out dos Arkonitas from the Temple bag. They will remain visible. The initial rolls the dice. We act in one way or another depending on the result.

Raju review


If both results show a Sun, the round will be day. In turn order, each one plays one of their teachers, face up. Those with the Sun symbol will add one point to their strength. Those who show the Moon will subtract it.

Whoever has played the strongest card, taking into account the bonus and the penalty, wins the battle. He will take the Arkonites from the center, keeping them in his sack. With a tie between two players, the loot is shared. If there are three or more that tie, it is saved for the next round.


It will be night if two Moon symbols are shown on the dice. The masters are played face down, being turned over simultaneously. Those with a Moon symbol add one point to their strength; the teachers with the Sun symbol subtract it. The battle unfolds the same as in the Day.


Occurs when a Sun symbol and a Moon symbol appear on the dice. The masters are played face down to turn over at the same time. The force will be as indicated, without bonuses or penalties.

Only during an Eclipse are they activated the skills of the teachers, respecting the order of turn. Snapshots run first. The abilities go through killing characters (perhaps in exchange for Arkonites won in previous rounds), by thefts and by exchanges.

Those who are still alive will carry out the battle, comparing strength. The cards used in the round are placed in each player’s graveyard, face down.

Once the winner saves their Arkonites, the starting player marker is passed. It will be for the one on the right of the current one, repeating the same mechanics. That is, reveal two Arkonites and roll the dice.

Raju review

Game over

At the completion of the ninth round, the game ends. There will be no more cards to play. They all extract the Arkonites from their bags. The pink is eight points, the blue five and the red three. The green ones translate into two points and the white ones into one.

In its long mode, the Arkonites are not revealed. We collect the masters and continue playing with the Arkonites of the Temple two more games.


I have spoken of the dangers you will face. Some of them, so that the surprise factor does not decline. You will see a powerful being, capable of becoming a dragon. You have before you the greatest of dangers. I don’t mean me, but your greed.

Not long ago (or maybe yes), I killed Helios. You will know him as the guardian of the Temple of the Sun. His function was to protect the treasure of the Ancients. Your longed-for Arkonites were part of it. As you already know, they are powerful weapons, capable of turning whoever possesses them into dollian’s master.

Where is the treasure now? Inside the Temple. If you wait too long, other kingdoms will seize the relics and you will succumb to them. You will live a devastating war. I suppose like all of them, except that in this one I will be the one who feeds on your fear. Of your hatred. Of your pain. Well, yes, I am that great danger. The fight begins.

Raju review

Raju is a board game of tricks, capable of turning the genre upside down. He does this by using the eclipse dice, with which not only each game is unpredictable, but each round. He is able to smash entire strategies, forcing you to improvise on the fly. Forever.

Those dice are enough to set you apart from other gender partners. If it is daytime, there are no skills that are worth it. Characters with a Sun will have an advantage in the strength comparison. The initial player will play at a disadvantage, since the cards are visible. With the night, it happens the other way around. It is necessary to recognize the unpredictable, getting ahead of others.

Some games will be full of eclipses. Others do not. In case the flies, it’s not a bad idea reserve skills that best adapt to the rhythm of the game. Although no one guarantees us that we can use them. There are no better than others, but some will be more suitable for some encounters than others.

In an eclipse, abilities come before strength. So, we will try kill everyone we can. Perhaps a point of strength or two will be enough to win the battle if no one else is left standing. We will try to eliminate that golem that surely has to leave now. To the berserker. We will fight to survive.

We will assess how worth it is to win the round, since the two visible Arkonites will not always be especially valuable. We remember that it is not whoever has the most that will win, but whoever has made the best. Therefore, we will not play the same when there are two white (two points) in the center, as when there are two blue (ten points).

Raju review

It will be time to mislead. To take advantage of it. Losing a round can translate into a future profit, by reserving that wonderful menu for us. One of the most interesting abilities, related to this point, is that of the assassin. We will decide how many characters to kill: one for each Arkonite we renounce.

If we know that our bag does not have much and the loot is juicy, it is worth the effort. If we already have valuable Arkonites, taking too much risk may bring some displeasure.

The risk factor also comes with the thief, deciding between stealing an Arkonite from a rival or from the Temple bag. If we have been vigilant, we will have the perfect play in mind. The memory it is not far behind. We will use it with the thief. With the necromancer, I trade a card for the first card in an opponent’s graveyard. What the hell did he have?

That memory must be applied throughout the game, be it day, night or eclipse. If we remember the cards played by each one (not an easy task), we will have some advantage when deciding. Because Raju It is precisely that: constant decision-making, driven by the current situation.

Victory will come by improvising in the best possible way. When assessing the situation. By anticipating the choices of others. By taking advantage of the present, with an eye to the future.

Pinbro Games

All this means that we are facing a game capable of hooking those who already have a large toy library. Its simple and practical rules make it a family challenge. We will remember the structure of each round without problems, with agile and fast games. However, mastering it will not be easy. The difficulty is brought by the rivals’ own level.

The replayability in Raju is practically infinite, colliding with tricks that often tend to be repetitive. Interaction between players is visible through their battles, their robberies and their deaths. It works just as well in pairs as in large groups, with no waiting between shifts. The emotion does not wane in these two-man matches.

The final count, whether after a short or long game, will be one of the best parts. We will convert the Arkonites into points. Having less than the ready on duty does not imply losing. Not even close. We could have got hold of the most valuable ones, which will generate some confusion among the less observant.

Raju It is a game that takes care of all aspects, highly tested and without bugs that ruin the experience. Combine strategy and luck in a customizable experience. If we have little time, the fast mode will remove the thorn. Of course, it is advisable to play long mode at least once. It is equivalent to three complete games, solving mistakes that will have been paid dearly.

The setting it is as elaborate as the gameplay, taking us to a world moved by power. Fantasy goes hand in hand with classic creatures, which always fit into any exploration game. Their abilities and strength interpenetrate with each other and also with the essence of each being.

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Their story is captured in language-independent components, with the exception of the letters of help. Color makes the difference and symbology and numbers everything else. Nine cards, two dice and a handful of tokens are capable of introducing us into the battle of greed, in which it is convenient have no scruples. Even to point to the ugliest, which will be the initial. If it is too cruel a method, we can always change it …

After a long development process, Pinbro Games presents a game that does not disappoint. That exceeds expectations. It is not far from the design of the previous titles of the publisher, although the mechanics change completely. Not only are quality and fun included in the box, they could as well be the last names of Raju. The difference between the everyday.

The Verkami start date is not the best, hence it has not yet reached the goal. People are not used to leaving money at Christmas for something that they will receive in a few months, since we are facing the month with the most expenses. It is the factor that explains that 37% reached.


  • 54 Master Cards
  • 6 Primigenous Data
  • 6 Bags of Kingdom Chests
  • Temple Bag
  • 75 Fichas de Arkonita
  • 6 Crown Tokens
  • Starting Player Token
  • 6 Letters of Help
  • Instructions (Spanish)

The photographs that accompany this review are taken from its prototype, so they do not show a final design.

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