Monday, July 4

PlayStation Plus has allowed in 2021 to play 40 games with a total value of $ 1,400

Playstation plus It is Sony’s service par excellence that allows us to enjoy the game over the internet and also obtain a series of monthly titles that we can play if we claim them indefinitely (as long as we are subscribed to the service).

From Polygon they have wanted to make their usual analysis of the games that have arrived during 2021 for “free” to PlayStation Plus subscribers that this year they have been able to enjoy a total of 40 different video games.

Unlike Microsoft, Sony does not mention the price of the free games it distributes each month so Polygon has taken the price of these 40 video games today to conclude that PlayStation Plus subscribers have received games worth 1400 dlaresIn other words, the average value of each game included in PlayStation Plus during 2021 was $ 35. In addition, the average score of the games that Sony has distributed on PlayStation Plus in 2021 is 7,3.

Spartacus, the ‘future’ of PlayStation Plus

Perhaps we are facing the last analysis of the value of PS Plus games as such since according to sources from Bloomber, Sony is preparing a revolution for PlayStation Plus with a new service with code name Spartacus that would have a modality similar to Game Pass (the Microsoft service that this year has added titles valued at more than 5,600 euros) will have three types of subscription, with the first one including the current benefits of PS Plus, the second having many free “PS5 and PS4 games” and the third being the most complete with extended emos, cloud play and a library of classics from the first PlayStation, PS2, PS3 and even PSP.

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