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Page Boy, the unpublished peripheral for Game Boy that has been discovered 20 years later

Game Boy It is one of the most iconic consoles in history. The Nintendo laptop was launched in 1989 in the United States and Japan and in 1990 in Europe and soon became a resounding success thanks to games like Tetris, Super Mario Land, The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening or the first deliveries of Pokmon.

Also Game Boy had quite a few peripherals of the most diverse and today, thanks to DidYouKnowGaming ?, a YouTube channel directed by Liam Robertson, we have discovered a chill out that was unknown until now and that he had the name of Page Boy.

This accessory was created by Eddie Gill (who also invented the canceled Workboy that we will talk about later) and his brother Christopher, who founded a group called Wizard to invent this device that used radio waves to connect to the internet and that it had a search engine called “Ask Mario” which, as if it were an Alexa or Siri, allows players to hear Mario’s voice while searching the network. Also included was a tool called Game Boy TV in which Nintendo may make announcements about new games, in addition to other features.

Eddie presented the project to Frank Ballouz (who was a Nintendo executive at the time) at 1999 aiming at the American market and with the idea of ​​launching it at a price around the 50 dlares although, as you can imagine, the Big N discarded the project completely and never got to see the light.

Workboy, Eddie Gill’s other peripheral

With Page Boy we can say that Eddie Gill was ahead of his time. In addition, good old Eddie also created another peripheral for the Game Boy that was also canceled shortly after going into production. This other petrel had the name of Workboy And it was a keyboard that included an address book, world clock, currency converter, and other office automation tools.

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