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New Abandoned teaser released and Kojima theories return | Levelup

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We know: many players are fed up with Abandoned after his catastrophic reveal and countless wild theories about the project. However, BLUE BOX Game Studios is still working on the title for PlayStation 5 and recently surprised with a new teaser.

Shortly after accepting its mistakes and promising news for 2022, the company released a mysterious teaser image on social media. This further increased the mystery surrounding Abandoned and it thrilled some players.

The theories about it were not long in coming and, to the surprise of few, some players once again believe that Hideo Kojima is the true mastermind behind the game and all the controversy it has generated in recent months.

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Teaser ignites the hype and theories about Abandoned

BLUE BOX Game Studios reaffirmed that it is currently working on a technical demo of Abandoned which will be released through the PlayStation 5 app. The studio will send a notification to players to advise when the patch is available.

The developer accompanied the announcement with an image that caught the attention of all players. In it you can see part of a woman’s face, specifically her eye. Some studio fans were excited, believing the game’s level of realism looks pretty good.

On the other hand, several players did not hide their disappointment and asked the studio to reveal something that was really worth it, especially because of the wait and the long silence about the project.

Later, through the application of the game, those interested could see the full face of the woman, whose identity remains a mystery for now. All of this sparked discussions about metahumans in video games and, of course, Hideo Kojima.

The Japanese creative was mentioned again, as many still believe that he is behind Abandoned. As of this writing, there is no exact date for the release of the tech demo. It is also not known what kind of content it will offer.

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Abandoned is in development for PlayStation 5. Find all the news related to the mysterious title at this link.

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