Wednesday, July 6

Mages of Mystralia disponible gratis para PC en Epic Games Store

Epic Games He continues to congratulate us on Christmas in the best way he can for those of us gamers, giving us games every day at 5:00 p.m. to increase our library in the Epic Games Store and have more titles to play.

This week we release it with Mages of Mystralia, a particular game of single player adventures with a story created by one of the main authors of the Forgotten Realms of D&D, Ed Greenwood, who through this game invites us to solve a series of puzzles using a wide variety of spells, fight enemies and unleash our creativity.

A gift set … and a 10 euro coupon

Remember that also if you redeem any free game during these days in the Epic Games Store (you only need to have an account created), Epic will also give you a Epic coupon of 10 euros additional discounts that can be redeemed on the purchase of any game with a price of more than 14.99 euros.

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