Thursday, July 7

Josef Fares, creator of It Takes Two, prefers a knee shot to NFTs in video games

It Takes Two It has been for many the video game of the year, not in vain it won the award of the same name at The Game Awards and it also holds the honor of being the best game of 2021 on our list with the 25 most important titles of the year.

With such appreciation its creator, Josef Fares, has recently granted various interviews highlighting the one he has done with The Washington Post in which he has shown his absolute rejection of NFTs commenting that you prefer “shot in the knee“before incorporating them into their next games, harshly criticizing companies that adjust mechanics in their games to try to get players to spend real money.

In fact, Fares has assured that his company, Hazelight Studios, I will never make any games as a service despite the amount of money that titles of this type can generate, in addition to defending video games as one more art form.

More than three million units sold

It Take Two has been a success for the critics and also for the general public since last October the title of Fares had managed to sell more than three million copies … which are sure to have grown over the past two months and have grown even more after its newfound popularity being chosen as Game of the Year.

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