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How to clean carousel rods in PowerWash Simulator

One of the most troublesome missions in PowerWash Simulator is cleaning the horse carousel. Although it may seem straightforward at first, you won’t be able to clean it thoroughly if you don’t know a particular switch. So if you are unable to complete the mission, please follow the guide mentioned below.

How to clean the carousel rods

You need to clear several individual items to complete the mission completely. Although this may seem tedious at first, as the overall carousel size is quite large, apart from the rods, no part of the carousel requires a specific setup. With that said, here are all the parts of the carousel that you need to clean:

  • Steps
  • Exterior platform
  • Inner platform
  • Pole base
  • Polo
  • Tops the post
  • Carousel platform
  • Center post base
  • Center post adjustment
  • Center pole ring
  • Center post frame
  • Center Post Panel
  • Tops the central post
  • Horse
  • Roof panel
  • Roof frame
  • Cresting
  • Ridge frame
  • Ridge trim
  • Pavilion
  • Star
  • Needle
  • Horse rods
Jugo Mobile Screenshot

To clean the rods, you need to turn on the switch in front of the carousel. Once the entire carousel starts spinning, simply use your pressure washer to clean the rods attached to the horses individually. This shouldn’t take a long time and you can use almost any nozzle on your pressure washer.

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