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How to add tags to Notion

In Notion’s own words: “Notion is a collaboration app.” It’s the closest a collaboration platform will get to programming. You can even code within the app. Notion is a beast under the hood, offering immense functionality and endless possibilities.

In online collaboration, tags are essential. Here’s how to add tags to Notion.

Create a tag database (gallery view)

To get started, let’s see how to incorporate a smaller database into a master list. This process is done using relationship. First, you need to make a tag gallery. So, create a database and make sure it is a gallery database. Once in the database, go to the Name property and use one emoji to insert categories and another to label names.

Now go to Properties (edit), Select Card previewand click None. Then go to Personalize and choose Card size in the Properties.

Now is the time to add the tags you have created. Go “Properties” again and select “Add a property” located at the bottom of the drop-down window.

Now that you know the basics of tags in Notion, feel free to play with the options and tags available.

How to add mentions

People often confuse labels with mentions. This situation is the reason why many people complain about not being able to tag people in Notion. However, contrary to this, Notion’s @ The symbol is very powerful. With this feature, you can link to other pages within your workspace or mention other members of your collaboration space. You can also use it to add dates to pages, as well as to set reminders.

Mention a page

Page mentioning is probably the most critical aspect of Notion. Without it, all Notion users would be lost and the collaboration platform would bring more harm than good to the table. Mentioning or referencing a page in Notion is as simple as typing @, followed by the title of that page. A menu will appear asking you to select the desired page. Select the one you need and press Get into. Now you can use this link to go to that page quickly and smoothly.

Don’t worry about changing the title of that page as the referral links you have added will change accordingly.

Mention a person

You can mention a person in a discussion, on a page, or within a comment. This process will notify the person in question and ask them to look where you have tagged them. All you need to do is type @ and then the person’s name to mention them. This step is a vital function that allows you to ask your teammates for ideas, suggestions, answers, etc. He’s also brilliant at assigning new tasks, which is the mainstay of online collaboration.

Note that, to receive the notification, the user must have access to the page on which it is mentioned. Be careful, as this makes it easy for misunderstandings to occur.

Mention an appointment

You may be used to automatic dating on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. However, Notion is not a social media platform, it is a fully customizable workplace that allows you to shape it according to your preferences. Of course, this means that you have to pay attention to minute details, like adding timestamps.

printing @ and enter “today,” “Yesterday,” The “morning,” and the entry will add the timestamp of that date. Days will turn into dates as time goes by. You can also enter “@ 12/1” and a timestamp that looks like “December 1st, [year in question]” It will be created.

Add reminders

Adding reminders is also done through the “@” command in Notion. This reminder will send you a notification (when the time is right) to remind you of a particular event, task, or page. This feature is used to set due dates, an unavoidable aspect of any collaborative effort. Of course, you can use it to remind yourself or your team of anything that comes to mind.

To add a reminder, type “@remember” and then add time / date / both. For example, “@ Remember 10 a. M. ” “@Remind tomorrow” The “@Remind jueves a las 3 p. M.” This command creates a blue label that is displayed on your Notion calendar. When a reminder passes the expiration day in question, the label changes from blue to red.

Add tags and mentions in Notion

Although labels and mentions are often confusing, these two functions are used in Notion. The tag feature is not directly available, but you can use the workaround mentioned above to develop the ability to tag things in Notion.

When it comes to mentions, the “@” The feature is incredibly powerful on the Notion platform. You can use “@” to reference other pages, nudge and notify colleagues, assign due dates, track work, and create reminders for yourself and all team members.

Have you tried using labels and mentions in Notion? How did it go? You learned something new? Feel free to visit the comment section below with any additional Notion related tips or questions.

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