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House Of The Dragon Star Gives An Update On GoT Prequel Release Date

House of the Dragon star Rhys Ifans provides an update on the release of HBO’s Game of Thrones prequel series, and says the show is still filming.

Dragon House star Rhys Ifans gives an update on the launch of the Game of Thrones prequel series. The upcoming HBO show is based on the 2018 novel by author George RR Martin. Fire and blood, which is situated two centuries before the events of his A song of ice and fire serie. Dragon House It will consist of ten episodes and is reportedly expected to air sometime in 2022.

Dragon House You will explore what is called the “Dance of the Dragons,” a civil war between the ruling Targaryen family that is seen as the beginning of the end of their reign over Westeros. The prestigious network attracted a group of renowned actors for the prequel series, including ex-Doctor who star Matt Smith, rising talent Olivia Cooke, and Ifans, who can currently be seen reprising his role as Lizard in Spider-Man: No Way Home. As befits a story that follows the Targaryen family, the show will feature 17 dragons, a significant step from Game of Thrones‘ Three.

Although a Dragon House trailer released earlier this year and created quite a stir, hints Ifans in an exclusive interview with SR that fans may have some time to wait to see episode 1. He reports that he is excited about what the show has in store for fans, but will not reveal anything, he feels comfortable allowing viewers to discover the surprises of the history for themselves. Ifans reveals HBO is still filming Dragon Househowever, which could mean it’s a long way from being ready to go on the air. See the full quote from Ifans below:

You have to wait and see. And I think you’ll have to wait a bit because I’m not sure when it will be released. We are still filming it. But yes, exciting. Very exciting… I don’t want to reveal too much. I can’t reveal too much.

Very similar Game of Thrones, Dragon House makes use of filming locations around the world, with reports of stops in England, Spain, Portugal and California. This can understandably take some time, and principal photography has been running since April, although there were some brief delays related to COVID-19 over the summer. Even as they build buzz for the show with stills and images, HBO has been cautious about the release date, and Ifans admits this extends to the main cast as well.

The news of having to wait longer than expected for the Game of Thrones the prequel will disappoint many. Although many fans washed their hands of the original series after season 8 brought the story to a controversial conclusion, the Dragon House The trailer unexpectedly drew people in, reminding them of how fascinating what was the world’s most popular television show at its peak. The network will be eager to get this right, after what they thought could be a massive franchise saw their goodwill disintegrate in its final episodes, and they’ve already ditched an expensive pilot starring Naomi Watts in favor of this one. Given all that, the Dragon House The creative team is probably willing to take their time, and fans won’t hold a grudge for the wait if the prequel proves to be worth their attention.

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