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Forbidden to have fun! China blocks the global version of Steam | Levelup

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The Chinese government did it again, and from the perspective of its authorities there was no better time to sharply mark its line on Western content than the holiday season. The above, after information emerged that indicates that the global version of Steam was blocked in every corner of China, preventing players from accessing the games on the Valve platform.

China’s government stole Christmas from Steam users

In recent years, the Chinese authorities have launched an offensive against various entertainment media, including video games, through a series of limitations and prohibitions regarding their content and forms of use. As in many Asian countries, PC gaming is the dominant form among users and some of them accessed the global version of Steam to avoid dealing with the one officially available in China, full of limitations in every way.

Unfortunately, while many enjoyed Christmas and prepared to play on their PCs, taking advantage of the fact that there are interesting offers due to the holidays, the reality was different for Chinese players as the global version of Steam was blocked. Various reports indicated that this weekend a blockade on said version of Steam went into effect, although there is no information about what happened, nor from Valve, much less from the Chinese authorities.

Content restrictions ordered by China have no going back

The Chinese government is no stranger to the access of some users to the global version of Steam and it may be that they expected high activity for it but there is no official reason. At the same time, it is not known if it is a measure that sought to mitigate the impact of high Internet consumption due to the holidays or if it is a permanent block that would leave players with Steam China as the only option.

Since we are talking about the position of the Chinese government regarding content, we remind you that the debut of Disney + in that country was marked by censorship in a chapter of The Simpson, showing that the only way to do business in the country and its market is by complying with content restrictions. However, this can be a gamble doomed for failure as even a game as successful as Fortnite: Battle Royale, bit the dust with its Chinese version, which had many changes compared to the original proposal, making it little or nothing attractive for players.

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