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Final Fantasy XVI is almost half a year late; news will take a long time to arrive | Levelup

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Final Fantasy XVI It was revealed in September 2020 with the promise that this year we would see a major new development. While Square Enix shared more information about the project and its development, fans were left with the desire to see a trailer as such.

We’ve long known that the creation of the JRPG was complicated by the pandemic, but Naoki Yoshida claimed that they were working to surprise players with one more trailer. However, this will not happen, as the creative has just confirmed that there will be no news from Final Fantasy XVI in the remainder of the year.

He delved into the impact the global pandemic has had on development and confirmed that the next big reveal of the title will take time to come. Because of all this, Yoshida apologized to fans of the franchise.

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Final Fantasy XVI is delayed and there will be new information until 2022

Through a statement, Naoki Yoshida regretted having to disappoint the players, as he will not be able to fulfill his promise to show more than Final Fantasy XVI this year. He revealed that the pandemic has delayed the development of the game for almost half a year, so in 2021 there will be no more news about it.

The creative reaffirmed that the project for PlayStation 5 is in the hands of a talented team of developers. However, the world situation has forced them to work from home, which has directly impacted the pace of development.

“Unfortunately, this has hampered communication from the Tokyo office, which in turn has led to delays or, in extreme cases, cancellations of asset deliveries from our outsourced partners,” explained Yoshida.

The team already has a plan for the situation to improve in 2022, a year that will be used to refine various aspects of the game, such as combat mechanics, battles and some scenes. This with the aim of delivering a totally polished title.

Because of this, the next big announcement from Final Fantasy XVI it will take a long time to arrive. For now it is scheduled for spring 2022, so we will see it between March and June.

“I deeply apologize to all of those who have been waiting to learn more about Final Fantasy XVI, and thank you for your continued patience as we focus our combined efforts on development, “concluded the creative.

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Final Fantasy XVI It is currently in development for PlayStation 5. Look for all the news related to the new installment at this link.

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