Thursday, June 30

Final Fantasy 16 will be shown again this spring; development was delayed half a year

Square Enix had promised some kind of novelty related to Final Fantasy XVI, the RPG that will arrive on PlayStation 5 with important news in its fighting section -it is focused on action instead of turn-based fighting-, but at this point it is more than evident that it does not meet the date. Producer Naoki Yoshida has provided a development update and confirms that the project has suffered complications from the COVID-19 pandemic, delaying progress by almost half a year. The next news will be known in spring 2022, probably at E3 2022 by Square Enix or the alternative event that Sony prepares on those dates.

“The last time we spoke I promised there would be more information from Final Fantasy XVI by the end of 2021. However, I regret to inform you that the COVID-19 pandemic has made things difficult for us and development has ended up being delayed by about half a year. The last episode for the saga Final Fantasy is developed for PlayStation 5 and has the collaboration of several studios around the world. However, most of our employees work from home, which has made communication with the Tokyo office difficult and has affected the work of our collaborators, causing delays and, in exceptional cases, cancellations in the delivery of certain elements of the game. “.

Square Enix expects these problems to be minimized in 2022 and they can focus on the goals: improving graphic quality, refining combat mechanics, polishing battles, and making visual optimizations. “Our goal is to take control and play as much as possible to polish the whole game”. The current plan is to hold the next big show in the spring and build buzz as they get closer to launch.

Valisthea, the land blessed by the glare of crystals

Final Fantasy XVI It stars Clive Rosfield, the first-born of the Archduke of Rosaria. Although everyone expected him to inherit the flames of the Phoenix to become its Dominant, fate chooses his brother Joshua to fill such a role. Deprived of the favor of his fellows, he undergoes harsh training to master the art of the sword. All his effort is rewarded when, at the age of fifteen, he wins the ducal tournament and is appointed Senior Guardian, responsible for the protection of the Phoenix and beneficiary of his blessing, which allows Clive to use part of his power. . But nevertheless, his aspirations are frustrated after the tragedy unleashed by the mysterious dark eikon, Ifrit, on whom he swears revenge.

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