Monday, June 27

Final Fantasy 14 updates the textures of the grapes … and saddens the community

Final Fantasy 14 has become one of the reference MMOs for fans of these types of games thanks to the great work of Square Enix creating new content, stories and interesting mechanics for one of the few games that have managed to be reborn and take flight (and in what way) after a bad launch.

Just a few weeks ago Square Enix launched Endwalker, the newest expansion for the MMO, and this week released a new patch, 6.01, in which they have made different adjustments both for this expansion and for the game in general, with various texture improvements, bug fixes and a long list of additions that you can read here.

Among these additions is, precisely, the improvement in the textures of the grapes that initially look like a diamond with a pattern of grapes drawn on top, becoming a fun meme for the gaming community that is now somewhat “disgusted” because with the improvement of textures these grapes have improved their quality … but They have lost part of their fun “essence” that had conquered the players, something with which Square Enix itself has joked on social networks.

The success of Final Fantasy 14 forced Square Enix to stop selling it … temporarily

Beyond this curious and anecdotal detail, the truth is that Final Fantasy 14 has become a resounding success for lovers of MMOs and, in fact, today is probably the most successful game of its genre, surpassing even World of Warcraft and even forcing Square Enix to temporarily withdraw the game from sale to fix the problems of saturated servers.

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