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Fans want Henry Cavill to participate in the second season of Arcane | Levelup

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Since its premiere in early November, Arcane, the animated series of League of Legends, it became a worldwide phenomenon; It not only captivated the fans of the video game, but was also liked by the general audience. Given its overwhelming success, Riot Games has already confirmed that there will be a second season. While there are no further details on the new batch of episodes, fans want a famous actor to participate in the project.

Henry Cavill in Arcane? Fans so wish

What happens is that a section of the audience believes that Henry Cavill should play a character in the next season. These wishes come after the actor who played Superman and Geralt of Rivia expressed his enthusiasm for the Netflix show and Riot Games.

Specifically, during a recent interview with the media BBC Henry Cavill was questioned if he ever had a chance to see Arcane, to which the actor said no. Given the negative response, the interviewer told him that, at the end of the talk, he should give the show a chance

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Shortly thereafter, MTV journalist Josh Horowitz announced on Twitter that he had the opportunity to chat with the British actor about film and television. At one point in the conversation, it appears that Henry Cavill “enthusiastically” recommended the animated series of League of Legends, which implies that he already saw it and loved it.

Given this, some fans expressed their desire to see the actor in Arcane. There are those who believe that he could lend his voice to Jarvan IV, while others claim that he could play Sett, Darisu or Sylas.

The characters that will appear in the second season of the animated series are still a mystery, but certainly the universe of League of Legends it’s packed with personalities who could have a cameo.

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But tell us, would you like to hear Henry Cavill on Arcane? Let us read you in the comments.

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