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Dragon Ball Super: It seems that we will see Trunks and Goten as teenagers in the new movie | Levelup

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the next movie by Dragon Ball, is exciting the community by giving prominence to Z Warriors who felt in the retreat. For this reason, it is exciting that information indicates that Trunks and Goten could appear in the new movie in their adolescent versions.

What happens is that, recently, the official site of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero It was updated with new information. In it they confirm that Takeshi Kusao, voice actor of Trunks, will be part of the official cast of Super Hero.

This information seems to confirm that we will see Trunks as part of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Since the regular version of this character is usually accompanied by Goten, it seems very possible that we see both fighters in their young adult versions.

The reason we are expected to see Young Adult Trunks and not Future Trunks or Child Trunks is because of the point at which this story will take place. What happens is that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will feature 3-year-old Gohan and Videl’s daughter Pan. This means that in Super Hero, Trunks and Goten would be between 16 and 17 years old.

While it makes perfect sense that we are going to see Trunks and Goten as teenagers, the reality is that this is not the time to get excited either. After all, it may be that Kusao’s involvement is part of a flashback or something similar.

what do you think about this news? Are you excited to see Trunks and Goten in Dragon Ball Super? Tell us in the comments.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is scheduled to debut on April 22, 2022. You can learn more about this film and the entire franchise Dragon Ball if you click here.

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