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Bungie wasn’t even thinking of a campaign for Halo: Combat Evolved | Levelup

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It is no secret to anyone that Halo It did not start as an Xbox project, since the relationship with Microsoft originated prior to the development and launch of its first console. Like all creative products, what we officially know as Halo: Combat Evolved changed several times before presenting its final form and being a ready-to-market product. Recently, a creative who was part of Bungie revealed a detail that undoubtedly changed history.

Halo: Combat Evolved started as an online multiplayer

The recent issue of the British magazine Retro Gamer, dedicated to the past of video games, included an interview with Stefan Sinclair, programmer of the multiplayer of Halo: Combat Evolved. In it, the creative revealed that at the beginning of the game’s development, Bungie was determined to make it a multiplayer that took advantage of the imminent rise of the Internet as a means of communication: “Halo it had been developed to be an Internet multiplayer, even in its most primordial forms. “

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Was up Halo 2 that online was taken advantage of and Xbox LIVE was a great success

Subsequently, Sinclair mentioned that, even with the relationship with Xbox already established, the idea of ​​Bungie and Microsoft was that Halo: Combat Evolved remain as a multiplayer with online possibilities, since the Xbox LIVE environment was already developing on Xbox.

However, the times did not coincide and it was decided that Halo: Combat Evolved It will work with local multiplayer via LAN, and the campaign was created to cover users who wanted a single player experience. Was up Halo 2 that the franchise took advantage of Xbox LIVE to deliver a coup of authority that in the end served to give identity to the brand.

In the end, it seems that this very idea of ​​seeing a future where video games were integrated into the use of the Internet was a coincidence between Bungie and Microsoft, since part of Xbox’s strategy was to offer that possibility to users, with something close to the game in line on PC and not the limited variants that had been seen on other consoles up to that point.

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