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Anya Taylor-Joy would be chosen to play Black Cat in a Marvel movie | Levelup

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Spider-Man: No Way Home debuted a few days ago and the world is already thinking about what’s next for Marvel and Sony Pictures productions related to the world of the arachnid. We know Sony Pictures will make movies centered around characters like Venom, Morbius, and Kraven, but you might as well be thinking of making a Black Cat movie starring Anya Taylor-Joy.

According to information from Giant Freakin Robot (via Tomatoes), Sony Pictures has already cast an eye on Anya Taylor-Joy to bring Felicia Hardy to life in a film focused on Black Cat. This would not be far-fetched, as Sony wants to make the most of the Spider-Man characters in cinema and Taylor-Joy is one of the most sought-after actresses of recent years.

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For many, this rumor is meaningless since Anya Taylor-Joy already played Illyana Rasputina / Magik in The new mutants and it seems difficult to see her play 2 different Marvel characters. However, it must be remembered that The new mutants It is not confirmed as part of the MCU and that the Black Cat movie would not be part of that universe either as it is a Sony Pictures production.

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In other words: the fact that Taylor-Joy has played Magik does not eliminate the possibility of seeing her as Black Cat since both characters are part of different universes.

Now, the above should not take the above as a fact that we will see Anya Taylor-Joy as Felicia Hardy in the world of cinema. What happens is that Sony Pictures has not even confirmed a film focused on Black Cat. On the other hand, the source of the rumor does not stand out for being completely reliable.

That’s why we recommend taking this information with a grain of salt. In case Sony Pictures makes something official about this supposed project, we will let you know.

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