Saturday, June 25

An attack on Steam during Christmas blocked the application in China for hours

Steam is probably the major PC game store in the world with millions of players connecting every day to buy new titles or to enjoy their acquisitions, becoming an indispensable software for all those who want to play on PC.

However, like all service online, Steam is not exempt from attacks and bugs that can prevent its use normally as it happened during Christmas Eve in China, country in which Steam was fell for a few hours due to a DNS attack from Valve’s store in the Asian country.

In addition to the attack and the inconvenience of not being able to access Steam, the gamer community China was very concerned because at first they believed it was a ban by the Chinese government to Steam, something that has been speculated for a long time after other international online platforms such as Facebook or YouTube have been banned in China. In fact, Chinese users cannot use the Steam forums and their navigation through the Valve store is limited to the store itself and its library of games, as well as having other limitations such as limited download speeds due to the government.

A similar attack happened a few years ago alongside the Winter sales

This is not the first time that Steam has suffered an attack in China and, in fact, a few years ago the exact same thing happened, an attack on Steam’s DNS in China shortly after they started. Steam’s Winter Sales in which hundreds of games are put on sale that we can buy at a very discounted price.

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