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Abandoned: Kahraman asks to stop toxicity and apologizes to players | Levelup

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BLUE BOX Game Studios was the target of regrettable death threats after everything that happened with Abandoned. This led to a long absence from the studio that recently ended with the reveal of a teaser and the announcement of a technical demo.

Unfortunately, with the news also came more attacks on the study, so Hasan Kahraman, founder of the company, asked once again to stop the toxicity towards developers.

The creative has accepted in the past that they made some mistakes, so he also took the opportunity to apologize to players who feel cheated. However, he made it clear that the community needs to calm down, be more patient, wait and stop acting so toxic.

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Head of BLUE BOX calls for a halt to harassment and toxicity by Abandoned

“People really need to calm down … the toxicity is really creating a lot of pressure and stress. I understand that they are angry, but we are working hard to bring you something that you can enjoy. And that takes time. I’m sorry, but it must be said, ”says the first message that Kahraman wrote on his Twitter account.

The creative acknowledged that there are many PlayStation 5 users who were disappointed by the teaser of a few seconds that they presented a long time ago. The real problem for Kahraman is that there are a lot of people criticizing and complaining about Abandoned they don’t even have the console.

“PS5 users feel ripped off because they received a 5 second teaser, for which, on behalf of myself and BLUE BOX, I deeply apologize, I can really understand. But there are many people who complain but do not have a PS5, “added the developer.

Kahraman responded to criticism for the use of certain assets when the game was revealed and claimed that the title uses material that they made themselves. On the other hand, he stressed that they are an independent studio, so players should not expect a AAA game from BLUE BOX.

“If you feel ripped off or whatever, I deeply apologize for that. That is not my intention nor did I want any of this to happen. What I ask of all of you is to relax, calm down and wait. It’s coming, I promise, but wait. Enjoy life, play great titles, watch a movie, spend time with your loved ones, get some exercise, ”added Kahraman.

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Abandoned It is in development for PlayStation 5. Look for all the news related to the title at this link.

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