Saturday, June 25

xQc is once again the most watched streamer in 2021 and Auronplay ‘sneaks’ into the TOP 5

With the imminent arrival of the end of the year 2021 we begin to see the usual rankings and tops that review, for example, the best games of the year or some of the most interesting titles that we all hope for 2022.

Among these rankings and tops we find the usual “classification” of StreamElements and Rainmaker.GG with the most viewed streamers on Twitch this year, content creators who regularly enjoy different videogames with their community, this time finding us Felix “xQc” Polish, a professional Overwatch gamer, is once again the king of Twitch for the second year in a row with 261 million hours watched by his followers.

Following him we find loud_coringa, Gaules, MontanaBlack88 and in fifth and very meritorious place to Auronplay, the charismatic Spanish creator which is the only one that has been able to sneak into a TOP 10 closed by such well-known names as HasabAbi, shroud, NICKMERCS, Summit1g and loltyler1. If we look at the female streamers, the first classified is Amouranth in position 33 followed by saddummy in position 85.

Twitch and YouTube do not stop growing and Just Chatting prevails over video games

Other interesting facts are the growth of Twitch and Youtube this 2021. Amazon’s live streaming platform has increased its viewing hours by 45%, reaching 24,000 million hours viewed in 2021, while YouTube achieved 800,000 million views of video games related to video games during the first half of 2021.

Regarding the most viewed categories on Twitch, Just Chatting overtakes all video games And it takes the top spot, an increasingly popular category in which streamers simply chat with their community or react to videos from other creators. If we talk about video games, the most popular on Twitch is GTA V, followed by League of Legends, Fortnite and Valorant.

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