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Which Pokémon BDSP HM are the hardest to find?

Most of the Pokémon BDSP hidden moves are pretty straightforward to find, but there are a couple of locations that might even confuse veterans of the series.

There are eight hidden moves in Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl Pokémon, and while most of these HMs are fairly easy to locate, some are a bit more complicated. Fortunately, none of the searches are that bad since, as is the case with most modern Pokémon games, BDSP goes to great lengths to point the player towards their next objective, which typically applies to HM’s quest as well. However, a select few might even have experienced Pokémon players seeking outside help when it comes to their locations.

Before touching that, it is important to give BDSP credit for how you updated your HM system. Unlike the original Diamond and Pearl Pokémon games, it is no longer necessary to have a Pokémon that knows Hidden Move to use it to traverse the world. Instead, once the player encounters the HM for the first time, it is saved to their Pokétch and, assuming they have the necessary gym badge, they can use said move when exploring at any time.

This is a great update to the original system and makes exploring the world and teaming up that much better. Now that the player only has to worry about finding the HM and not showing it to any Pokémon, their only obstacle to exploring all of Sinnoh is simply tracking down the HMs. Again, although most of them are very easy to find (some are even given automatically), these are the hard-to-find HMs in Pokémon BDSP that can make the player scratch their head when looking for them.

Pokémon BDSP Defog HM is hard to find

The Hidden Move Defog is not in a particularly hidden location, but it can still elude players, forcing them to travel off the beaten track just a bit. Defog can be found in the Great Marsh area of ​​the town of Pastoria. The Great Swamp is Sinnoh’s version of the Safari Zone, and while it contains some highly-sought Pokémon, the player is never forced into the building during their adventure, which could cause some people to miss this one.

It costs 500 PokéDollars to enter the Great Marsh, but once the player is in the HM it is fairly easy to find, as it is given by an Ace trainer just to the right of the entrance. Again, while this is not necessarily hidden, the player must know how to speak to Coach Ace in order to receive the HM. The main goal of Defog is to do exactly what it sounds like, to clear the fog from some of the most nebulous areas in the game. The first time the player needs to use this is when they hit Route 210 on their way to Celestic Town.

Defog is a unique HM in that it is not absolutely necessary to get through these areas, but trying to get through the foggy areas of the game without it is a huge pain, so it is highly recommended that all players track the Ace. Coach in Great Marsh before attempting to reach Celestic Town. Defog becomes usable out of battle as soon as Pastoria City’s Gym Leader Crasher Wake is defeated.

Pokémon BDSP HM’s strength is easy to miss

Force is another HM in Pokémon BDSP that forces the player to go out of their way a bit to find, as the essential Hidden Move can be found on the top floor of the Lost Tower. The Lost Tower is located at the eastern end of Route 209 and, as the name might imply, it is a multi-story tower infested with Ghost and Dark-type Pokémon.

Again, while this may not seem like a particularly difficult HM to obtain, nothing in the main quest prompts the player to visit the Lost Tower, so they will have to go out of their way again to secure this HM. While the Lost Tower itself is not hidden (the player has to go through it to get to Solaceon Town), it can be a bit tricky to navigate as it is filled with not only wild Pokémon but multiple Trainers looking for battle. . This could cause impatient Pokémon Trainers to turn around before reaching the top and instead choose to continue their adventure, potentially causing many players to overlook this HM and not even know it.

Force is easily one of the most widely used HMs in Pokémon BDSP, so it is beneficial for the player to take some time to explore the Lost Tower as soon as it reaches Route 209. The force becomes usable in the overworld once the player defeats Byron in Canalave City.

Hardest to Find HM Pokémon BDSP: Rock Climbing

Rock Climb is a late HM and might be the easiest of all the hidden moves to miss. Towards the end of the adventure, the player must traverse Route 217 to reach Snowpoint City. As the name of the neighboring town suggests, Route 217 is covered in snow, making seeing anything on the route significantly more difficult than in other areas of Sinnoh. This is where the problem lies, as the Rock Climb HM is located here, covered in a layer of snow behind a house on the western side of the route.

If the player knows where to look, this HM in Pokémon BDSP it’s not too difficult to spot, however once again players trying to rush to the next city may not find themselves close to the Hidden Movement. Rock Climb is needed to get to many late-game locations, so it is quite possible that eager players who might have traversed the route initially find themselves backtracking on Route 217 at some point trying to find the Rock Climb HM they missed. . Once the player defeats Snowpoint City Gym Leader Candice, Rock Climb becomes usable outside of battle.

The rest of the HM in Pokémon: Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl they are much simpler and require little or no effort on the part of the player to locate them. Defog, Strength, and Rock Climb may be a bit more difficult to find, but at least all players can rejoice in the fact that they no longer need Pokémon to be taught how to use them like the old days.


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